Nov 7, 2018

A Year Has Passed & Life Has Changed

As I am writing this, I can hardly believe it has been a little over a year since I posted in this space. So much has changed in my life since I last posted. Not only am I a mother to a toddler, I am managing a career change that I am 8 months into as of this point. I seriously could not have imagined being at this incredible place in my life. I always knew it would happen and that the stars would align for me to live the life I always imagined. It was definitely not without some sacrifices but those sacrifices made this journey so much more rewarding. I wanted to share a few photos with you from the last few months and encourage you in these last moments of 2018 to live your best life.

Some notable highlights from the past few months: *Ava, Rico and I visiting DC to see my family as an early birthday celebration for Ava as she was born 2 days before my sister's birthday *My best friend visiting from New Orleans for my 32nd birthday *Ava turning 1 and Mommy turning 32 *Deciding to cut about 4 inches of my hair randomly 

Oct 9, 2017

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...My Labor & Delivery Story

I am most certainly a stranger now when it comes to blogging. The last time I sat before this computer screen writing a blog post was last summer (July 2016) after our family vacation to Kauai.  I wanted to revisit my blog to share my Labor & Delivery story because it was such an incredible moment in my life. It is a day that I will never forget and I have been asked quite a bit about my story. I was hesitant to because people can be very judgmental online; however, it is my story and I own my story entirely.

So, here is what everyone wants to know... 

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 (at 39w2d), I lost my mucus plug during the early morning. Didn't think anything of it other than to know labor was likely imminent at this point. I contacted the on call doctor - which just so happened to be my doctor - and she advised me to remain at home as I wasn't experiencing contractions during this time. After I lost my mucus plug, I started wearing a sanitary napkin so that I could monitor any additional fluid. 

A couple hours later, I begin noticing fluid and starting have mild to moderate contractions. At this time, I also realized that I hadn't felt baby girl's movements as intense as the evening before. After a quick call to the doctor again, I knew that I had more time because the contractions weren't consistent. Hubby & I went to lunch with family at Fish City Grill so I could eat one last time just in case. I felt baby girl moving during lunch but the contractions were getting stronger. After contacting the doctor, they advised that I come in to monitor baby and also to test the fluid to ensure it wasn't amniotic fluid.