Feb 9, 2015

Fall in love with Portland, Oregon

Hey there beautiful girls! It has been a very busy past week for me as I traveled to Portland, Oregon for three days (work-related travel)! I definitely made the most of my stay in Portland. I tell my husband all the time that while I don't enjoy traveling for work, I always make the most of it to keep myself in good spirits...and this trip was no different. On a random 'Erika' note...with a Type A personality like I have...traveling for work at random times in the middle of the week throws off my entire work-life balance. I think I would much prefer if I have a set schedule of when I would be gone and leave at that same time & day every month. But, that is unlikely to occur! So, I remain positive, grateful and I keep it movin'! 

By the way, can I just saw that the humidity in Portland made my hair a complete fool. It was bone straight and frizzy (imo) by Day 2 because of all the rain and moisture in the air!

Some of my favorite things in Portland:

Spellbound Flowers Pop Up Shop (the cutest little flower cart I've ever seen)

Steaks Fifth Avenue food truck 

Pioneer Place Mall (where I purchased my new MK wristlet and it was TAX FREE!)

Made in Oregon gift shop (where I was able to get a Pacifica nail polish)

Nordstrom Downtown Portland (you can shop tax free even at Chanel and Gucci!)

Enjoy Portland, Oregon through my eyes even for a very brief stay! I will likely be posting a non-related travel, my usual life in Dallas kind of post this week along with answering some of the first few questions received as part of the #AskErika series I am starting! 

If you are in the market for an iPhone wristlet, this color is "Pale Pink". I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and it fits in this wristlet perfectly for those days I don't want to carry a purse! 

Jan 30, 2015

Zara Coat Obsession + Photo Diary

Hello beautiful girls! It has been quite the week for me. Most weeks are really busy for me but due to some upcoming deadlines…I worked a lot more “around the clock” this week than I am accustomed to. But, it was well worth it. I love having an excellent work life balance because that prepares me well for the weeks when I have to work at all hours of the night. I value my work life balance but I am also not afraid to roll up my sleeves and put in some hard time meeting my deadlines. 

My last photo diary was when I attended the Stella & Dot brunch at the Las Colinas Country Club. Since then I have pretty much been going non-stop with work, married life and my Stella & Dot business. I still have yet to determine what my end goal is for being a Stella & Dot stylist. After years of buying the merchandise on my own, it made sense to become a stylist (especially for the sample perks). However, now that I am into it…it means so very much more to me than I ever thought it could. Maybe because I am my own boss…maybe because it allows me to combine my love of fashion with my individual style…maybe because it allows me to share my love of their products with all of you. My goal in the next month is to write it down and make it happen. I write down what Stella & Dot means to me now and where I want to go with it. Once I write it down, I know that I will be able to easily commit to whatever it is I decide to do. I hope to share that journey with you all!   If you want to check out the new Spring 2015 collection or any of the items from the permanent range, visit my Stella & Dot website. You can also email me from my personal site about becoming a stylist, hosting a trunk show (online or in person) or just to find out what pieces would work best for you! 

As I look at the photos that I shared this week, I realize they are all over the place. Partially because our weather in Texas has been so bipolar…even more bipolar than I remember it being last year. We have swung from the 30s (and freezing) to 80 degrees all in a matter of two weeks! Another reason that I feel all over the place is because in the last two weeks, I have finally got back into my full workout routine and eating regimen. As a result, my straight hair only lasts about 2-3 days post-wash before its oily from working out so I put it up in a bun. Babe always says it looks great but I guess we are our own worse critics. And isn’t he supposed to say that? He is my husband! 

On another note… 

Thank you all you the questions you left in the comments of my most recent #AskErika blog post! I am very much looking forward to starting that series and making the most of being able to share my experiences with you.

Proof that makeup free days actually do exist! They just aren't as documented! But...when possible, I plan to share those too! 

Pretty flowers that the hubby surprised me with after work one day! He knows how hard I have been working and he always shows me how proud he is of all that I have accomplished! 

I do not think I can even begin to express my level of obsession with my newest find at Zara (AND IT WAS ON MAJOR SALE)! A Camel colored (warm, cozy and high fashion) kimono! You will see this coat a lot in this post and in the future! I cannot even find this gem on their website anymore to share with you all!