Dec 30, 2013

Bridal Makeup Trial {Disaster} + End of 2013

Hey there beauties! 

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and well wishes following my post on the accident I was involved in on the day after Christmas. 

I would not say that I am 100 percent but I am definitely back to functioning normally. Naturally, I was terrified to drive and didn't drive again until mid-day on Saturday. I may or may not have mentioned before that I was considering having my makeup professionally done on my wedding day so I could relax and enjoy the company of my family and friends while getting ready. Both of the makeup artists that I wanted to hire are located in Louisiana (go figure!) I set out on a mission to find a reputable MUA in the Dallas area with a portfolio I could view to see if they could achieve the look I wanted. I literally could not find anyone I really liked but I found one person with the potential to make me look like I wanted to for my big day. Sadly, it did not work out. I was not a fan of the red tinted eyebrows, the lashes the MUA used, the incomplete winged eyeliner or the chola lips that she gave me. To her credit, the eyeshadow was blended to perfection and my contour was everything! However, I was very upset that Rico said I didn't even look like myself when he first saw me. While I would love to give someone else another try, I am strongly leaning towards doing it myself because I am the only person that truly knows what I like. The only other option that I could see myself being pleased with is flying in one of the makeup artists from Louisiana to beat this face. But, I just cant seem to justify that expense. Anyhow, enjoy some of the before and after photos below! I was planning to wear the look to Rico's birthday dinner so I had to make a lot of changes to get it to a place where I was happy with without taking it all off. 

No filters were used in any of these photos above and all were taken in natural light. Looking at these photos again since Saturday...I am convinced the eyebrows and lips photograph way lighter than how it looked in person. I personally think the entire looking would have looked wonderful on someone else...but I just didn't like it on me. Let me know your honest opinion! What do you think? I would think this look would be more appropriate for going out to party or something...not my big day! 

The lovely faux fur blanket my mother-in-law gifted us for Christmas with a matching throw pillow is super comfy. I literally was on the couch under this blanket all day Sunday! 

Headed out at some point this past weekend. Love my new cashmere beanie that I ordered from Blue Fly. Once I get a black beanie and a gray one, my winter cold weather accessories collection will be complete. 

Wore this midi dress from Urban Outfitters to my Bridal Makeup Trial on Saturday. Super comfy and stylish! 

I could not wait to wear this dress for babe's birthday dinner! I purchased it from Guess and I believe it is still available. May actually be on sale as well!


My Makeup after I changed it for dinner! 

"Now that's more like me! Had to get my eyebrows back to their normal shade, took off the lashes, put on some gel eyeliner from NARS and changed my lip color to the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rapture."

My daily protein shake: 1 scoop of protein powder (based on what you like), 1/2 frozen banana, 2 strawberries and 10 ounces of vanilla almond milk. We have quite a few protein powders we like, you can find one of them here.

Repainted my nails because I knew the pink would pop really well against my white dress! And it did! 

Be on the look out later for a 2013 Year in Review {video style}!

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