Dec 1, 2013


I am absolutely in love with this blue nail polish, Dior Vernis by Dior in Tuxedo, because in the light you can actually see the true color of the nail polish. However without flash or day light, it appears as though the nail polish is either black or a very dark blue. I haven't worn this color in a while so I wanted to break it out again. I love wearing shades of red or blue on my nails because I find those colors compliment my skin tone really well. The color is currently not available for sale because it was part of a limited edition collection in Fall 2011. Here are some of the closest dupes I could find:

Chanel 'Blue Satin' (here)
China Glaze 'Up All Night' (here)
Essie 'Midnight Cami' (here)


In case you are curious as to what I use to ensure my nail polish will last until I am ready to paint my nails again, I have shown my favorite products below. I would say this is the best combination I have found for making sure I do not have chipped nails for at least five days. 

I remove my polish with the Nailtiques Non-Acetone remover (here). I then complete my manicure, paying particular attention to shaping my nails and pushing back my cuticles. After I complete my manicure, I put on hand lotion and cuticle oil. To make sure my nail surface is clean before applying polish, I use CND Scrub Fresh (here). My current base coat is the CND Stickey Base Coat (here) and my holy grail top coat is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip top coat (here). 

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