Dec 18, 2013

Natural Hair Diaries ¦  Apple Cider Vinegar & Water Rinse

I wanted to share something that I have not tried for a few months now. Last time I washed my hair, it seemed really heavy to me and it didn't come out quite how I am used to it turning out. So, I decided that maybe I had some product buildup that needed to be removed. I knew that today I wouldn't be using any shampoo! 

So, I mixed two parts Apple Cider Vinegar with one part water. I shook it up and then sprayed it thoroughly throughout my hair and including on my scalp. I massaged it in my scalp to remove the product buildup for about 5 minutes. Then I let it sit on my hair for about 15 minutes under a plastic cap while I took the rest of my shower. I removed the cap and my curls have never looked better. Because I straighten my hair once a week and I do not wear it in its natural state, it is important for me to give my curls some love! After you rinse your hair, you will need to apply your best smelling conditioner on your hair to get rid of the ACV smell (I do this out of the shower). I then put another cap on and let the conditioner sit for 30 minutes. You wash your conditioner out and your hair is good as new. 

Let me know if you try it and like the results as much as I do. My hair not only curled a lot better but it is even more shiny than it normally is! 

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