Dec 22, 2013

❣ Photo Roundup Four ❣

Hey there beautiful girls! I hope that you are all doing well. I know that I am long overdue for a blog post so I figured I would share all my photos since my last photo roundup! I have been very busy with work, wedding planning and working out...that I have not had time to do much else. As far as working out, I felt like I had plateaued with my workouts. I wasn't losing/gaining weight or lowering my body fat percentage, so I decided to change things up quite a bit. I digress! I will get back to this topic a little later!

I have been totally obsessed with this floppy wool hat from Urban Outfitters. I cannot wait to have a reason to wear it. Today was definitely a cold enough day to wear it but I stayed indoors today because of the 30 degree temperatures! 

My bestie is the absolute sweetest ever for gifting me the Naked 3 palette as an early birthday gift. Long story short, we are doing two gifts each this year because we managed to not keep the first one a secret. We will more than likely exchange our second gifts in the new few days before she heads to Austin for Christmas.

Ordered this lace black dress below for Rico's birthday dinner! I love my Capricorn so I have to look fine for his birthday! We have celebrated so many birthdays together and he always manages to make me feel like a now its my turn to return the favor...and treat him like the king that he is. I love having him as the head of our household. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am long OVERDUE for a haul video! I just haven't had the opportunity to film because it was pretty gloomy during the day yesterday. Since I am off the day after Christmas and honey is not, I may film some videos that day to have in reserve for gloomy days! Stay tuned!

Selfie love.

My Saturday morning workout was a beast! First I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, followed by an hour plus long workout alone and with my dear friend & personal trainer, JB. I gave it all I had and left nothing on the table! I am truly ready to take my body to the next level!

After my workout, I was extremely sore from the core I threw on a striped shirt from J. Crew Factory and my sweats that were part of the Phillip Lim for Target collection.

My weekend was MADE during our trip to Whole Foods. Babe managed to find my most favorite brand of wine probably in the entire world. I have not had this wine since I visited Maryland and my sister put me onto it years ago! I should've known that of all places Whole Foods would have it. Usually red wines give me a headache but not Stella Rosa! 

Ab progress after only about one week of changing things up! I must say that I never thought I would see ab definition again. Not because it was not possible but because I wasn't willing to leave the White Chocolate Mochas and Caramel Fraps behind. I am happy to say that I have not had either one in over a week and with increasing my protein has made all the difference. Stay tuned because I am determined to be in the BEST SHAPE of my life in 2014. I no longer want to be skinny because that is genetic! I want to be FIT! And that is what I am committing to. It will be hard because I am such a foodie but I am a very determined person when I focus. 

I have been craving pasta but I knew that I could not intake the carbs if I wanted to stay on track. So, I decided to make eggplant parmigiana using ground buffalo since it more lean (contains less fat) than ground turkey. It turned out freaking delicious! I have had at least two servings today! The recipe was inspired my Mankofit's Instagram so check it out here.

Decided to finally give myself a mani since I will be getting my hair professionally done this week so I don't have to worry about chipping my polish during washing or styling. I used Zoya's Pinta and Daul (accent nail only). The photos below are both with and without flash so you can see the true color in both kinds of lighting. 

I am ending my Sunday night comfy and in my PJs. Normally I don't wear Wildfox tees to bed but I am missing NYC so I figured I would wear it to bed tonight. Despite the weather this summer when we visited there, we have an awesome trip! Not much going to happen tonight other than me stretching because I have a core routine to do in the morning, in addition to my cardio.

For some reason, the photos totally uploaded out of order so the photos below happened way before some of the others! lol!

I vowed to keep him to myself but I am sure one photo won't hurt! And yes, he smiles! And I make him smile, quite often I might add. With his fine self! Okay, I am done! Love of my life & I before our wedding cake tasting! 

Tried the whole curling wand thing again and I don't think it was a complete fail! And I got to show my forehead, which is always a ++! God gave it to me so I might as well flaunt it when I see fit! *two snaps*

I am fallen in love with my Beats Wireless headphones! They have most certainly helped to keep me focused at the office during the day because I am able to block out all the noise! I have yet to use them for video editing but I feel like I will get that opportunity this week! :) 

Can we all just stop and acknowledge how freaking GORRRRGEOUS Joan Smalls is? Okay, yes we can! Talk about WOMAN CRUSH! HELLO! Like, if I could meet her...I know that moment would be pretty epic! 

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