Dec 5, 2013

❄ Photo Roundup ❄

Howdy friends! As we prepare for frigid temperatures in Dallas (which means no sun more than likely...super sad), I wanted to share some photos with you that I have taken the past few weeks! I do not know what this weekend will consist of considering temperatures are expected to range from 17 degrees to 29 degrees. Absolutely FREEZING! That will more than likely bring ice, not the pretty snow that I wish we would get. 

 So, onto the photos...

As of lately, I have had to break out my eyeglasses more often than ever before. I think its because I am usually on the computer for hours at a time without a break. It has definitely strained my left eye more. In an effort to not make my right 20/20 eye bad like the left one, it is absolutely necessary to wear my glasses. (Earrings / Bauble Bar and Scarf / J. Crew)

The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching and I am most looking forward to spending time with family...and finally working on addressing our wedding invitations that I will need to send out immediately after the new year.

The weather has been quite bipolar this week. On Monday, I actually needed to wear a coat and scarf. I opted to wear my red Kenneth Cole trench coat that I have had for nearly a decade with a houndstooth infinity scarf from J. Crew. No surprise there! 

This gorgeous necklace was my the very first piece I ordered from Shop Lately online and I am absolutely in love with it. Not to mention, it was WAY cheaper than my usual statement necklaces from Bauble Bar and J. Crew. 

A dear friend of mine (Hey Courtney!) recommended that I try this Sesame Oil with Vitamin E in place of using Almond Oil as my I am taking it for a spin. This product actually excites me because I deeply hate applying my vitamin E oil on its own because it is so thick! This applies very smooth and my oily/combination skin seems to be loving it at the moment. Btw, I picked it up at The Vitamin Shoppe.

My very first advent calendar from Ciate has been such a treat to myself considering how much I love nail polish. I fell quickly in love with the Day 5 color when I opened my calendar this morning. 

What I Am Wearing to work today! I paired this cardigan that I got on clearance at Target with a J. Crew button down shirt that matches it perfectly because of the burgundy and pink houndstooth pattern on the cardigan. Not to mention, it is keeping me warm since the temperatures dropped into the 30s today. A far cry from the 82 degree weather of yesterday when I was wearing a dress with tights! 

A very unique vase that I picked up from Joss & Main. I believe I will be placing this in our third bathroom as counter decor. I have not completely made a determination on where I will put it. However. since we will be in hibernation mode this weekend...I will be the busy bee that I am and find this vase a home inside of our home.

I have to end with this photo of Rico & I on Thanksgiving Day. He was freezing his buns off (maybe not since he loves the cold) to take photos of me for my blog, which I was more than appreciative of and made sure to tell him that. I plan to spend the rest of my days on this Earth reminding him of how thankful I am for his love and friendship. Hard to believe we will be husband and wife in 2014! 2013 is nearing its end and we have celebrated our last anniversary as a dating couple. Exciting stuff! P.S. Wedding planning is in full swing and I love that Rico is just as much involved in the planning process as I am. He loves his woman! 

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