Jan 28, 2014

Hello, I'm A Busy Bee

Howdy friends! Top of the morning to you! I was hoping that I would be able to get some time this week to catch up with you all and explain my lack of videos & blog posts. Needless to say, my last semester as a graduate student is currently underway. As of today, I am exactly nine weeks away from the best days of my life. haha! I remember when I began my grad school program and thought I would go for my doctorate immediately following my MBA program. My my my...times have sure changed. I want nothing more than to not have another WebEx meeting! I cannot wait to read for leisure again and get back to running outdoors (once the weather warms up for good)! I am taking two courses this semester, one is Capstone (the only course I actually need to graduate) and the other is Strategic Marketing. I must say that both courses are doing a great job at keeping me balanced. Capstone is very research and teamwork intensive while Strategic Marketing, although it consists of a lot of work, is a class that is all about individual work. It requires a lot of research to but I feel more control over that process since I am working alone. 

Enough of school...let me see what else I have been up to other than grad school!

The weather managed to get above 70 degrees this past Sunday so I went for a 3 mile run outdoors. It was very relaxing and gave me a much deserved break from being on the computer all day. 

Babe & I took a trip to Whole Foods this week and I had them make me some juice at their juice bar. This juice had apples, lemons, beets, cucumbers, and spinach. It was a little bitter but yummy anyway because I am kind of used to it at this point. I dont expect my juices to be super sweet when I have more veggies than fruit.

I told honey that I had been craving some Italian so he took me on Saturday to Kenny's Italian Kitchen. I ordered my all-time favorite, lasagna. Can you believe I ate off this for two days? It would have been way too much to have in one sitting! 

I have long been avoiding all the makeup brush laundry that I have. Hoping I will have time soon but it is such a time intensive tasks that I have been delaying doing it at all cost.

I am happy I switched to using the Erin Condren life planner this year. I have actually been enjoying it more than my Filofax, which says a lot. It is a lot more compact and easier to manage since its spiral bound. 

Date Night on Friday at Midia From Scratch! If you want some authentic Mexican food along with an upscale dining experience, this is the place to go. I personally love the tableside guac (yes, with BACON!), shrimp fajitas, and most of their desserts! 

Finally got around to wearing my silk blouse that I picked up late last year from J. Crew. I ordered it and had it dry cleaned...which made me forget I even had it. Babe loved the color on me and he knows its one of my favorite colors to wear too! 

Date Night Drinks! Babe had a Margarita on the rocks and I had a Lemon Drop Martini. 

I have not been spending much money because of the wedding and my desire to be more strict with myself this year. I want to hold myself accountable because I have more than I could ever begin to use in this lifetime. The two products I picked up from Sephora were things I had ran out of that I consider to be holy grail products! 

Outfit of the Day for a day off of work! I actually had my wedding dress fitting #2 this day! So much to update on the wedding front but it will reveal itself in the next few weeks! :) 

Sunday Brunch at Jasper's! It was very cold that day and windy! I usually can do the cold if it is not accompanied by 20-25 mph winds! My leopard print infinity scarf is my Calvin Klein, a purchase late last year from Blue Fly.

Brunch at Jasper's that we enjoyed very much for our first time there. Not to mention, they had a live jazz band playing music the entire time we were there. Awesome food, amazing atmosphere...cannot be beat. 

Dress I wore to brunch! I remember purchasing the dress last year from Anthropologie and waiting on the perfect opportunity to wear it. Brunch could not have been a more perfect occasion. Cannot wait to wear this dress again once spring arrives! The 23 degree weather we have today is NOT the business! 

Random Selfies! I am pretty sure both were from the same day! No rhyme or reason, just headed into work! 

The highlight of the past couple weeks has been seeing how much my hair has grown since I cut much of it off last February. February 5, 2013 was the day! As we approach a year later, my hair is thriving. I have changed much of my routine (other than my staple products) and I have been really happy with the noticeable results. I hope to do an updated hair routine video soon discussing the products & techniques I use now! My biggest change has been my lack of heat use! I only blow out my hair now using cool air from the blow dryer and it has been a game changer. It has not only resulted in no new heat damage, but I have no breakage. I do have a tiny bit of split ends though because I haven't had a trim since October 2013. Bad bad bad, I know. I am getting a trim on my next salon visit...so no worries there!

Jan 14, 2014

NOT My Wedding Dress | A Special Moment

I randomly was looking through photos from the day I found my wedding dress and wanted to share this photo and video with you of a dress I loved but ended up not selecting! You can kind of hear my best friend, mother-in-law & I talking about this dress! I will definitely remember these moments for the rest of my life! I am happy that I not only have photos of the day, but videos as well! After my wedding day, I will share the various videos I have of me saying 'yes to the dress'! Excuse the boob grab! We are all guilty of it!

Any predictions on the type of dress I chose for my big day?

Jan 13, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration + Photo Roundup

Happy Monday! I hope that all of you are doing very well! I am coming off of a very good weekend that was just what I needed before my final semester of graduate school begins. I knew that if I didn't have a good weekend before the chaos settled in, I would get burnt out fairly quickly given my Capstone course will require a lot of time and dedication on my part. Those of you who have been through a MBA program are probably more than aware of what the Capstone course is and what is entails. However, if you are not familiar...here's a snippet description. The Capstone course is pretty much my program's way of making me remember everything I have learned over the entire duration of my program and applying those concepts to solve an issue. This semester's Capstone course will focus on various non-profit agencies so I know I will find that very interesting no matter what client my team is placed with. In addition to trying to remember what I learned for the past nearly 4 years, weekly meetings with my team will commence that I am sure will consist of 2-5 calls per week (from what I have been told). Needless to say, after living life and going to work...this Capstone will take the little ounce of energy and brainpower that I have remaining. And at the end of the semester, I will finally get a piece of paper that will mean a lot to most people but to me...it will simply mean freedom. The end (for now) to a very amazing education journey! For some strange reason, I feel everything that has happened in the past few months has been in preparation for this. With how emerged I became in social media and my YouTube channel, I would not have been able to mentally prepare myself for what is to come. As I mentioned before, life was truly passing me by. 



I have consistently been working out for a minimum of 3 days a week. My goal is not to lose weight as I am a very healthy weight for my age and height. But, I would like to develop more lean muscle...which will lower my body-fat percentage. My Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning workouts consist of 30-60 minutes of cardio, core workouts, squats and light lifting (between 10-15 pounds for each arm). Peep my new hot pink workout pants from Under Armour! Super comfortable! And I sleep in my workout clothes now which makes it even more easier to hop right out of bed in the morning and get my day started!

On Saturday before heading to meet my girlfriend for lunch! We met at Grand Lux Cafe and it was absolutely yummers! The best parts were being able to catch up with my friend and us sharing a peach cobbler!

Babe and I had date night this weekend at Fireside Pies. We normally go to the location in Grapevine but this week we went to the one in Plano located at the Shops at Legacy!

I realized last week fully that my bun has made a comeback! If you remember, last February (2013)...I cut nearly 5 inches off in most of my head and 2-3 inches in my bangs. My hair has flourished ever since and I could not be more pleased with the results.

Bun day continued! Btw, I have been using castor oil on the edges of my hair since it has been thin since I was a kid. I know that it is hereditary so the results have yet to be seen. I will keep you posted on that. Although my hair was up, I didn't pull it too tightly because I dont want to cause friction at my hair line. 

I think the following four photos were from the crazy weather we had all over the US last week! It went from 14 degrees...to 19 degrees...to 40 degrees...and then topped it off with 73 degree weather this weekend. Absolutely cray! 

Jan 6, 2014

❋ Happy Monday! + Monday Morning Inspiration ❋

Happy Monday friends! Thank you so much to all of you that continuously visit my blog and Google+ page. Since making the decision to no longer have a public Instagram, these avenues have been the main way for me to keep in touch with all of you! I hope that your weekend was great! As for us, we didn't do much other than finally picking out curtains and rods for the living room. It was so hard finding curtains we both would like since our styles are so different. It was additionally hard because the curtains had to be at least 108 inches due to our very high ceilings! I will share a photo when we get the curtains hung sometime this week. In the interim, I wanted to share a few things with you...along with some Monday Morning Inspiration!

First of all is this bouquet that my coworker emailed me this morning! When I tell you I gasped after I opened the email from her...I took the biggest gasp ever. Something about the simplicity of this just speaks to me! I still have yet to make a final decision but this may be a contender now! What do you think? I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with it! Original photo and how it was made: here

Because it is absolutely freezing in Dallas...I am talking about 19 degrees but feels like 4 degrees with the wind chill, I decided to wear my pink pea coat from J. Crew that I ordered last year (2013)! That sounds strange to say last year as it was not all that long ago! It kept me fairly warm but the real test will be when I head out during the lunch hour to go to my wedding dress fitting! Finally getting my dress pinned! I hope the dress isn't falling off of me as much this time around! 

I think I love my pink pea coat just as much as the gray one that I also own from J. Crew! I picked this scarf off a few months ago from Talbots and it matches the coat perfectly! However, the bright colors have me dreaming of spring just a few months too early!

I absolutely adore this turquoise (picture not true to color) cashmere boyfriend cardigan that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas! It was a little too big for me so I decided to wear a nude patent bow belt to make it a little more fitted on me. I am not overly concerned with the size enough to have it taken in since boyfriend cardigans are meant to fit a little larger anyway! Do you like boyfriend cardigans? I believe this is only the second one that I own!

Since babe & I knew it would be cold this week, we went to pick me up two more pair of workout leggings yesterday while we were headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some curtains! I actually found them for a steal at TJMaxx. These pair are by Cynthia Rowley! The other pair, which are solid navy blue, are by New Balance. These were super comfortable to work out in and they kept me warm! I am also wearing my shoes that my bestie gave me for my birthday! Yes, they are leopard print! 

And now...for some Monday morning inspiration for my loves! 

Photo from We Heart It / Original Source Not Known

Photo from We Heart It / Original Source Not Known

Photo from We Heart It / Original Source Not Known

Jan 4, 2014

Thank You, Cleaning Day & Cake Boss

Hey beauties! I have been enjoying all of your feedback on my bridal bouquet options! So much positive feedback with reasonings behind why you like one over the others. It will really help me in making a decision so I appreciate it more than you know. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was just thinking...I may not announce my selection until after we get married, as whatever I select will vary slightly from the photo because I am using a local florist here in Dallas. My goal is to get it as close to the photo I select as possible but I still want to make sure its unique in its own way for ME!

Today, Saturday, will be a day at home. I have quite a few cleaning things I want to get done around the house such as cleaning our master bath, organizing underneath my bathroom sink, cleaning the kitchen, washing my makeup brushes….blah, blah, blah. I have a lot I would like to get done today and I have a feeling I will get it all accomplished. Surprisingly, I have not taken as many photos since my last NYE2013 update! I have been very busy with work and get ready of my last semester of graduate school to begin. In addition to that, I have been writing down my goals for 2014 as that will help to set the tone for the rest of the year. 

I am currently watching Cake Boss on TLC with Rico! I love that Buddy went above and beyond to make a cake for his daughter Sophia’s 10th birthday! 

Here are some photos from the new year thus far!

Detail from the dress and belt I wore on NYE 2013

Babe & I got a workout in on New Years Day! Starting 2014 off right!

My Honey & I...he wanted to take part in my selfie.

New Years Day! Before we went to visit my bestie & her family!

Found some African Black Soap exfoliating body wash on our trip to the Vitamin Shoppe. 

Selfie from New Years Day.

Friday Selfie. 

I wore my Zara booties for the first time! Babe loved them as I do not wear heels as often as I used to. When I do, he always takes notice!

Babe took me out to Steel for a sushi date on Friday night in celebration of his birthday (yet again)! Think this was the third celebration thus far! I am certain there will be more.

I was excited to wear my belt from Anthropologie that came in! I just decided to wear a simply black open front sweater with it and it was perfect. The belt was the star of the outfit, along with my Zara booties!

Another Friday selfie! 

Love this belt! Photo was taken with flash! 

Last photo for this post! My belt that I am loving in natural light from the window. It is just so beautiful. Fleur of FleurDeForce on YouTube highly influenced this purchase! 

Have a great weekend loves!