Jan 6, 2014

❋ Happy Monday! + Monday Morning Inspiration ❋

Happy Monday friends! Thank you so much to all of you that continuously visit my blog and Google+ page. Since making the decision to no longer have a public Instagram, these avenues have been the main way for me to keep in touch with all of you! I hope that your weekend was great! As for us, we didn't do much other than finally picking out curtains and rods for the living room. It was so hard finding curtains we both would like since our styles are so different. It was additionally hard because the curtains had to be at least 108 inches due to our very high ceilings! I will share a photo when we get the curtains hung sometime this week. In the interim, I wanted to share a few things with you...along with some Monday Morning Inspiration!

First of all is this bouquet that my coworker emailed me this morning! When I tell you I gasped after I opened the email from her...I took the biggest gasp ever. Something about the simplicity of this just speaks to me! I still have yet to make a final decision but this may be a contender now! What do you think? I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with it! Original photo and how it was made: here

Because it is absolutely freezing in Dallas...I am talking about 19 degrees but feels like 4 degrees with the wind chill, I decided to wear my pink pea coat from J. Crew that I ordered last year (2013)! That sounds strange to say last year as it was not all that long ago! It kept me fairly warm but the real test will be when I head out during the lunch hour to go to my wedding dress fitting! Finally getting my dress pinned! I hope the dress isn't falling off of me as much this time around! 

I think I love my pink pea coat just as much as the gray one that I also own from J. Crew! I picked this scarf off a few months ago from Talbots and it matches the coat perfectly! However, the bright colors have me dreaming of spring just a few months too early!

I absolutely adore this turquoise (picture not true to color) cashmere boyfriend cardigan that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas! It was a little too big for me so I decided to wear a nude patent bow belt to make it a little more fitted on me. I am not overly concerned with the size enough to have it taken in since boyfriend cardigans are meant to fit a little larger anyway! Do you like boyfriend cardigans? I believe this is only the second one that I own!

Since babe & I knew it would be cold this week, we went to pick me up two more pair of workout leggings yesterday while we were headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some curtains! I actually found them for a steal at TJMaxx. These pair are by Cynthia Rowley! The other pair, which are solid navy blue, are by New Balance. These were super comfortable to work out in and they kept me warm! I am also wearing my shoes that my bestie gave me for my birthday! Yes, they are leopard print! 

And now...for some Monday morning inspiration for my loves! 

Photo from We Heart It / Original Source Not Known

Photo from We Heart It / Original Source Not Known

Photo from We Heart It / Original Source Not Known

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