Jan 2, 2014

OMG! Gel Nails! Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish

Yes, I cannot believe it. I haven't had gel nails in what feels like forever for many reasons. Among them...I love to change my nail color. I am also not a fan of the chemicals used in gel nail colors that allow them to last up to 14 days. With that said, I was on the hunt for something different. My favorite polish from Orly is Green With Envy and the moment I saw this color it reminded me of that shade. It also reminded me of how much I miss spring weather in Texas. I will have these nails for two weeks (at most) and I hope to keep you updated on how it wears on my nails as time progresses. Do you have any favorite Gel nail polish brands? Prior to today, I had not heard of Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish. 

Do you like my nails that I ended up getting for the new year? I love them! 

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