Jan 4, 2014

Thank You, Cleaning Day & Cake Boss

Hey beauties! I have been enjoying all of your feedback on my bridal bouquet options! So much positive feedback with reasonings behind why you like one over the others. It will really help me in making a decision so I appreciate it more than you know. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was just thinking...I may not announce my selection until after we get married, as whatever I select will vary slightly from the photo because I am using a local florist here in Dallas. My goal is to get it as close to the photo I select as possible but I still want to make sure its unique in its own way for ME!

Today, Saturday, will be a day at home. I have quite a few cleaning things I want to get done around the house such as cleaning our master bath, organizing underneath my bathroom sink, cleaning the kitchen, washing my makeup brushes….blah, blah, blah. I have a lot I would like to get done today and I have a feeling I will get it all accomplished. Surprisingly, I have not taken as many photos since my last NYE2013 update! I have been very busy with work and get ready of my last semester of graduate school to begin. In addition to that, I have been writing down my goals for 2014 as that will help to set the tone for the rest of the year. 

I am currently watching Cake Boss on TLC with Rico! I love that Buddy went above and beyond to make a cake for his daughter Sophia’s 10th birthday! 

Here are some photos from the new year thus far!

Detail from the dress and belt I wore on NYE 2013

Babe & I got a workout in on New Years Day! Starting 2014 off right!

My Honey & I...he wanted to take part in my selfie.

New Years Day! Before we went to visit my bestie & her family!

Found some African Black Soap exfoliating body wash on our trip to the Vitamin Shoppe. 

Selfie from New Years Day.

Friday Selfie. 

I wore my Zara booties for the first time! Babe loved them as I do not wear heels as often as I used to. When I do, he always takes notice!

Babe took me out to Steel for a sushi date on Friday night in celebration of his birthday (yet again)! Think this was the third celebration thus far! I am certain there will be more.

I was excited to wear my belt from Anthropologie that came in! I just decided to wear a simply black open front sweater with it and it was perfect. The belt was the star of the outfit, along with my Zara booties!

Another Friday selfie! 

Love this belt! Photo was taken with flash! 

Last photo for this post! My belt that I am loving in natural light from the window. It is just so beautiful. Fleur of FleurDeForce on YouTube highly influenced this purchase! 

Have a great weekend loves! 

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