Feb 24, 2014

Thank you! + Update

I wanted to thank each one of you for supporting my blog in my absence! I am heading into the last 5 weeks of my MBA program and I promise to have new & exciting content when I have the time! April 8, 2014 is my official last day of classes so you can expect a lot more from me after that date! Just wanted to also share some photos from the past few weeks! Hope you enjoy seeing that I am alive & very much doing well! 

Throwback Caricature of Babe & I from 2010
New floral arrangement for our kitchen table - I made it myself!
Beautiful sunset the other day
Headed into work on casual Friday! 
Some new shoes from Steve Madden by popular blogger, The Blonde Salad
Face of the Day (last Thursday)
One of my newest purchases from Anthropologie
Wall decal from Wise Decor
My beautiful wedding shoes that I finally located in a 40.5 at the Jimmy Choo store in Highland Park Village
Face of the Day and Selfie from last week
An embrace with honey on Valentine's Day

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