Feb 13, 2014

Wedding Day Nail Color - Orly's Lift the Veil (Gel Formula)

Ladies, I have found my wedding day nail color by a complete chance encounter and I wanted to share it with you! I decided on Orly GelFx Gel Nail Lacquer in Lift the Veil. How appropriate is that name? Given I won't be wearing a veil on my wedding day, the nail of this nail color gets me super excited! Do you like it? I wanted to shy away from the traditional french manicure that most brides wear, as it is something that is not my style. No shade to those who do it, as I think it looks very elegant and wedding day appropriate. But, being the super girly girl that I am...pink was very much a necessity! By the way, Orly also has this color in a non-gel formulation but I feel that it is not quite as pink as what I was looking for! 

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