Mar 31, 2014

Goodbye to Mediocrity! Monday Morning Inspiration

Happy Monday! Even though a new week starts on Sunday, Monday is when it really hits me that I have to get a lot done in the next 5-6 days. I was inspired this morning to share my education/career story with the hopes of inspiring you on your journey. I started off as a Biology Pre-Medicine major at Xavier University of Louisiana. Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a neurosurgeon like Dr. Ben Carson. My sister’s childhood dream was to become a teacher/educator…which she followed through with. Once Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I lost my purpose. I was so confused on what I should do. I attended a Chemistry class at LSU once I transferred there and I become immediately intimidated by the extremely large class sizes. Just to give you some background, growing up I never applied myself fully like I should have. I would easily get bored in class and my mom ended up having me tested for learning disabilities. Turns out, I had none…I was just lazy and easily bored. I say that to say, large class sizes allowed boredom to enter my mind even more quickly. After that semester, I knew there was no way that I would be able to finish my journey to becoming a doctor if I remained at LSU. However, I had already developed a life of my own in Baton Rouge and I did not want to leave. 

Be Happy With Who You Are!
So, I switched to Finance because I was always very good at math and science. Those are my areas of strength and always have been subjects I am most interested in. Switching to Finance obviously was not immediately easy because I had to take microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics…and all this other crap! Haha! Nonetheless, I began to excel academically in a way I never imagined I could. So, I stuck with finance. I ended up interning in New York during college and the rest has been history. 

One of my favorite quotes! 
I felt a need to share because although I miss pre-medicine and would not hesitate pursuing it if the opportunity presented itself…I am happy where I am. I am here to encourage you not to be mediocre. Live your life in a way that excellence exists in everything you touch. When I decided I wanted to get my MBA, I felt it was the chance to use the next 4 years to give it everything I had. In doing that, I am finishing in the top 20% of my class…and I have achieved an invitation for membership into Beta Gamma Sigma. I, of course, accepted. The induction ceremony is set for April 25, 2014! eeeeeExcited!

Stay faithful to God doing your journey and remain true to yourself! Don’t allow the expectations of others to define who you are. 

Peace and Excellence to you friends! 

Mar 27, 2014

Kids in our Future?

Hey hey loves! Almost done and then I will be fully back to blogging full force! I know you all have to be wondering what is next after graduate school is over. Well, I can tell kids yet. My husband and I have set in our hearts that we will start trying around summer 2016. There are many reasons for that. We would like to make sure he is done with his graduate program so that he can equally devote just as much time to pregnancy and parenthood as I am. Also, I want to accomplish a few things before starting to try. I want to finally get my real estate license. That has been a goal of mine for a very long time (since college) but had no time to commit to it. We also would like to go on a 8-10 day trip to Barcelona and Madrid. The plan is to take that trip next year as a couples trip. So much I want to do before I even consider bringing a baby into the world! I know you cannot plan for it and things happen but if we stick to what we have been doing...there will be no surprises. Some other things I want to accomplish before kids:

  • Completely furnish our family room/ guys room
  • Travel at least 2-3 times
  • Join a ministry at church
  • Read at least 15 books for leisure
  • Make sure my blog has at least 1,000 followers (small goal, but I would rather a 1,000 who love & support me than 10,000 haters)
  • Take professional headshots (booked already for May)
  • Redesign my website/blog to attract more readers
  • Develop the home decor and organization section of my blog
  • Run a marathon
Anyway, I wanted to address the topics of kids briefly because that is naturally the first question that came up once we got married...especially since we have been together since college. 

Here are some pics to keep you updated on the very little bit that has actually been going on since graduate school consumes most of my time!

Wednesday morning selfie before work. I have been wearing very minimal makeup lately and I have preferred this so that my routine is simple. 

It rained briefly on Wednesday for a couple hours. Spring is here in Texas! I hope to send our spring weather to the Northeast! 

So many challenges have occurred this week...and I am convinced that something good will happen from those challenges. My entire life has been a set of challenges. They normally come in waves and once they pass...I am stronger because of them. Joel Osteen has inspired my life so much. Remember when I did the 'I Declare' journey? I still read those declarations whenever I need some encouragement! 

Monday selfie before work! I just love this cardigan from Target.

I said au revoir to my gel nails (for now)! Even though I miss them a lot because of the convenience. I ended up getting a manicure on Saturday and this color is Zoya 'Portia'. I have been loving nude colors since my wedding. Anything light pink is a winner! It goes with everything and with the regular won't be able to tell when it gets to chipping!

Mar 22, 2014

Each Passing Day...

As each day passes by, I realize that my life is about to go through another change. Not only did I marry my college sweetheart and the perfect man for me, but I am about to finish graduate school with honors AND I will be at my company for 4 years two days after! This is just amazing! I could not have predicted all of these milestones [for me] would occur at once! Although I will not be walking the stage at graduation because of a wedding hubby & I have to attend, I have this heart of gratefulness towards all of the things that have occurred and continue to occur in my life! I think its a testament to my faithfulness to God, my obedience to what he guides me to do and my patience when he says 'eventually, but not right now'.

I am only 27, I will be 28 later this year. While life is not intended to be perfect, I can say that even with all the setbacks and disappointments...I would not change ONE thing. It is amazing to have come this far in life and still take the time out to appreciate the journey. After all, "life is a journey, not a destination." I just want to say thank you to each of you for inspiring me to continue sharing my life via this medium! I honestly told my husband yesterday, I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds tomorrow. With that said, I don't know what my presence will be online after graduate school is over. I do not know if I wish to fully give myself into just my blog or if YouTube will be included. I just don't know yet so I hope that answers the questions I have received. I want to finish school and see how I feel. If I have the same energy and passion towards it, I will return. If not, I won't. It isn't to punish the people that have supported and continue to support me, but it is because I have accepted that the happiness and safety of myself & family is more important to me than having an online presence on both my blog and YouTube. 

Just wanted to share my thoughts at this time! I am a pretty open book so I wanted to let you all know where I stand!

Here are a few photos from the past week!

As you all know, we welcomed the first days of spring this week. Texas weather has been sort of spring like since. However, we may be back in the 40s and 50s next week. We shall see! Right now, my allergies are going haywire because of the change in weather.

I have committed to being thankful for what I have right now, in this moment. It has given me a happiness that cannot be explained other than by this quote. 

I sweated my curls out on Friday while working out so I wore a low bun to work for casual friday. Anytime I wear my hair back, I love to go simple on the makeup with a bold lippie! This lippie is Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Cabernet. Its one of my favorite lip colors! Decided to wear my new sweater from J. Crew that I just adore!

My sweet coworker who is currently out on maternity leave came into the office for a meeting and brought me this sweet card & gift! Although everyone knows where we are registered, we are not in need of anything so this was perfect. I have already made use of the g/c by grabbing some things for the house.

Babe & I went out last night for our weekly date night! We ended up having drinks at Whiskey Cake in Plano, Texas before heading to the theater to see Divergent. Man, that was an awesome movie! I cannot wait to read the books once grad school is over just a short time from now!

I am currently [as I write this blog post] in a curly wanna be top knot because I feel like crap (thanks to my allergies!). This will probably be my style the entire weekend. Minimal work involved and makeup free. As you can see, I have a new phone now! Loving it thus far, even though its very much identical to my iPhone 5. The gold and white is a nice upgrade from the all black iPhone 5 I had.

Curls I rocked earlier this week! Done using a perm rods and minimal product! Air dried overnight! 

I love this lace peplum top from Ann Taylor I bought last year! So feminine and simple. Paired it with a necklace from Shop Lately. 

I leave you with one of my favorite photos taken by the photographer since I am very much still on a high from our wedding day! Cannot believe the 28th of March will mark one month!  

Until next time...

Mar 17, 2014

Married Life: First Vacay as Husband & Wife!

Hubby & I took our first vacation as a married couple! I wanted to share some pics with you from our getaway!  All I can say is this trip made me really look forward to our next two vacations together before we head to St. Lucia for our honeymoon! 

P.S. As of today, my name is all changed! I received my new social security card and then went to get my new drivers license. I will be carrying around a paper license until the new one comes from Austin within 14 days! I wasted no time! However, I will not change my passport until after we go on our honeymoon because I don't want to bother the airlines with changing my ticket, etc. since it was booked with my maiden name!