Mar 31, 2014

Goodbye to Mediocrity! Monday Morning Inspiration

Happy Monday! Even though a new week starts on Sunday, Monday is when it really hits me that I have to get a lot done in the next 5-6 days. I was inspired this morning to share my education/career story with the hopes of inspiring you on your journey. I started off as a Biology Pre-Medicine major at Xavier University of Louisiana. Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a neurosurgeon like Dr. Ben Carson. My sister’s childhood dream was to become a teacher/educator…which she followed through with. Once Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I lost my purpose. I was so confused on what I should do. I attended a Chemistry class at LSU once I transferred there and I become immediately intimidated by the extremely large class sizes. Just to give you some background, growing up I never applied myself fully like I should have. I would easily get bored in class and my mom ended up having me tested for learning disabilities. Turns out, I had none…I was just lazy and easily bored. I say that to say, large class sizes allowed boredom to enter my mind even more quickly. After that semester, I knew there was no way that I would be able to finish my journey to becoming a doctor if I remained at LSU. However, I had already developed a life of my own in Baton Rouge and I did not want to leave. 

Be Happy With Who You Are!
So, I switched to Finance because I was always very good at math and science. Those are my areas of strength and always have been subjects I am most interested in. Switching to Finance obviously was not immediately easy because I had to take microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics…and all this other crap! Haha! Nonetheless, I began to excel academically in a way I never imagined I could. So, I stuck with finance. I ended up interning in New York during college and the rest has been history. 

One of my favorite quotes! 
I felt a need to share because although I miss pre-medicine and would not hesitate pursuing it if the opportunity presented itself…I am happy where I am. I am here to encourage you not to be mediocre. Live your life in a way that excellence exists in everything you touch. When I decided I wanted to get my MBA, I felt it was the chance to use the next 4 years to give it everything I had. In doing that, I am finishing in the top 20% of my class…and I have achieved an invitation for membership into Beta Gamma Sigma. I, of course, accepted. The induction ceremony is set for April 25, 2014! eeeeeExcited!

Stay faithful to God doing your journey and remain true to yourself! Don’t allow the expectations of others to define who you are. 

Peace and Excellence to you friends! 

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