Mar 11, 2014

Honeymoon + What's New?

A few people have inquired as to whether I went on a honeymoon and where to! The answer isn't no, just not yet. Our honeymoon was already paid for in full when we decided to move our wedding date up to February 28th. So, we decided to keep it as is since graduate school is currently in full swing for both of us. Not to mention, work is very busy right now too! Only four weeks until I experience a freedom I have not felt in ages! I have literally been in school since age 4. Anyhoo, we will be going on a 9-day honeymoon to St. Lucia! I cannot wait but I will say we have quite a few trips planned between now and then to give us some fun in the sun! 

What's next?

I have initiated the process of changing my name and therefore saying au revoir to my maiden name, Wyatt. No need to fret! For branding purposes, my blog and YouTube channels will stay the same! My husband and I both agreed that is in our best interest to let things remain as it is! 

Three days away from being married for two weeks! My wedding app says it has been 11 DAYS (approximately) since I married my  best friend! These past 11 days have been incredible and I could not be more thankful for my husband. It feels so right! I know that we have a lifetime to go but if these 11 days are in any indication of how our marriage will be...I can say I am feeling very happy! 

I love my husband more and more everyday! We have committed to putting all that we are into our faith and our marriage. As long as we keep God first and our marriage second, we will make it last forever.

Any hooooo, as we prepare to leave for vacation...I wanted to leave you with some photos from the past 11 days! I am aware that sharing photos on my blog or on Google+ isn't the same as YouTube videos or having a public Instagram, but this is what I have time to commit to right now. Also, it makes it safe for everyone involved that I can decide when, how, where and what I want to share! That has given me ultimate peace! Since changing the direction of my YouTube channel and social media platforms, I feel my life is back in my hands! Not up for debate in front of thousands of people! Maybe some beauty bloggers are okay with sharing everything [or almost everything], but I just will not be in that place of being open again on the Internet. I love where I am now and want to keep in this this was how my life was prior to the Internet attempting to take over. 


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