Mar 27, 2014

Kids in our Future?

Hey hey loves! Almost done and then I will be fully back to blogging full force! I know you all have to be wondering what is next after graduate school is over. Well, I can tell kids yet. My husband and I have set in our hearts that we will start trying around summer 2016. There are many reasons for that. We would like to make sure he is done with his graduate program so that he can equally devote just as much time to pregnancy and parenthood as I am. Also, I want to accomplish a few things before starting to try. I want to finally get my real estate license. That has been a goal of mine for a very long time (since college) but had no time to commit to it. We also would like to go on a 8-10 day trip to Barcelona and Madrid. The plan is to take that trip next year as a couples trip. So much I want to do before I even consider bringing a baby into the world! I know you cannot plan for it and things happen but if we stick to what we have been doing...there will be no surprises. Some other things I want to accomplish before kids:

  • Completely furnish our family room/ guys room
  • Travel at least 2-3 times
  • Join a ministry at church
  • Read at least 15 books for leisure
  • Make sure my blog has at least 1,000 followers (small goal, but I would rather a 1,000 who love & support me than 10,000 haters)
  • Take professional headshots (booked already for May)
  • Redesign my website/blog to attract more readers
  • Develop the home decor and organization section of my blog
  • Run a marathon
Anyway, I wanted to address the topics of kids briefly because that is naturally the first question that came up once we got married...especially since we have been together since college. 

Here are some pics to keep you updated on the very little bit that has actually been going on since graduate school consumes most of my time!

Wednesday morning selfie before work. I have been wearing very minimal makeup lately and I have preferred this so that my routine is simple. 

It rained briefly on Wednesday for a couple hours. Spring is here in Texas! I hope to send our spring weather to the Northeast! 

So many challenges have occurred this week...and I am convinced that something good will happen from those challenges. My entire life has been a set of challenges. They normally come in waves and once they pass...I am stronger because of them. Joel Osteen has inspired my life so much. Remember when I did the 'I Declare' journey? I still read those declarations whenever I need some encouragement! 

Monday selfie before work! I just love this cardigan from Target.

I said au revoir to my gel nails (for now)! Even though I miss them a lot because of the convenience. I ended up getting a manicure on Saturday and this color is Zoya 'Portia'. I have been loving nude colors since my wedding. Anything light pink is a winner! It goes with everything and with the regular won't be able to tell when it gets to chipping!

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