Apr 2, 2014

Alex + Ani Love

I had blogged about Alex + Ani once before prior to giving the blog a fresh start! I have since made a lot of new additions and I wanted to share some of them with my readers in case you have an Alex + Ani collection of your own. There are a variety of reasons I support this brand! There approach to sustainability, the fact that their pieces are hand crafted in America...and I could continue! I just love the brand and what they stand for. 

I have added the following items to my Alex + Ani collection, my favorite of this set being Mother Mary. All of these items can be purchased from the Alex and Ani website. 

Open Love Charm Bangle (Affection • Joy • Light)
Bumblebee Charm Bangle (Loyal • Conscientious • Driven)
New York Yankees Primary Logo Charm Bangle (Tradition • Inspiration • Excellence)
Louisiana State University Charm Bangle (Loyalty • Enthusiasm • Pride)
Mother Mary Charm Bangle (Grace • Compassion • Hope)
Love Wrap (Optimism • Bliss • Affection)

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