Apr 3, 2014

Capstone Presentation Day #OOTD

Today is the day I have been waiting for all semester! It is Capstone Presentation Day. Some graduate school programs will require students to write a thesis in order to complete their program but my program requires that a student take and pass the Capstone course. My professor told us in the beginning that the twelve weeks would fly by but I just could not believe her with all we had to get done before the semester would be over. But, we did it! And the 12 weeks definitely flew by faster than the speed of light. All the Saturday morning meetings seem more than worth it at this point. Anyway, I wanted to share my morning selfie that I took before I headed out for work! Since our presentation is in the middle of the day at the Client's office, I had to dress for the day at 6 am this morning! My dress I have worn quite a few times is from my beloved J. Crew. My necklace is from Zara. My bracelets are a combination of Alex + Ani, Chelsea Charles, and Michael Kors. And of course I have on my wedding set, as I always do! 

Sidenote: My hair did not turn out quite as expected when I did it last night because my CHI flat iron died on me (rest in beauty peace) last night as I was flat ironing my hair! Luckily I have my FHI platform flat iron as a backup but it doesn't work quite as well on my hair during the spring when the humidity levels are 72%. Anyway, I will probably sweat it out during tomorrow's workout and it will be back curly by Saturday! So, I just need my hair to cooperate for the next 5 hours or so. 

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