Apr 1, 2014

Goal to [half-marathon] & marathon

Thank you for all the positive feedback on my Motivational Monday post for this week! 

I wanted to share my journey to running a marathon before we start trying for kids. After talking to babe, I want to run a half-marathon first in preparation for running a marathon. So, last night....I started getting back into running. Our goal was to run 5 miles because that was the last distance I had ran way back in 2012! However, with the amount of chafing that I experienced...we only made it to one mile. I was still very proud of myself because I was not winded or anything from the one mile. If any of you have sensitive skin or experience chafing, you will understand how painful it is. I have tried nearly everything to soothe my skin when it starts chafing...as it only tends to happen when I am running outdoors and work up a sweat quickly. It's so crazy that when I start chafing, my skin turns really red. I didn't even realize that the chafing can cause wounds, as that has not happened to me yet. If you too suffer from chafing, are there any natural remedies you recommend? 

So, I know that in order to reach my goals...I will have to overcome chafing. I wanted to share my story because I never know if there is someone else I could help by sharing. 

Yesterday, I ran 1.01 miles in 12 minutes and 52 seconds. That is great to be under 15 minutes for one mile considering I have not ran (according to my Nike+ app) since 5/17/2012.

With that said, here are some photos from before and after our run! 

After our run, hence no face! haha! I was red as a beet!
Before our run {& before I took my makeup off}
 I can't work out in makeup! I would be a pizza face by the morning if I worked out in makeup.
Before our run.

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