Apr 28, 2014

Natural Hair Diaries - New Style

Hey hey loves! I am feeling great on this beautiful Friday morning; although, you won't get to read this on Friday. I have been pre-scheduling blog posts as I feel inspired and it has been awesome to engage with each of you! Last night I went to the hair salon and this was the third time I had my clip-ins installed. FYI: The hair for my clip-ins are sold by my stylist and she also made the clips-ins for me...and colored them to match my hair. As someone who has never been a fan of extensions and only had a sew-in once that I absolutely hated...I am very impressed with the versatility that this hair provides. It gives me body, length, volume, fullness and even more! Not to mention, hubby loves it because it looks so natural. I say all this to say that for summer...I am going to get a protective style done. My plan is to get a sew-in by my stylist with very little leave out. I am waiting for her now to confirm the appointment and then it will feel real. 

Anyway, here are some photos from the day I got my hair done and the morning after:

Please excuse my unkempt bedroom. I am a neat freak and borderline perfectionist, but also very much a realist. I don't be having time to make the bed up every morning. I'm just being honest!

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