Apr 8, 2014

Photo Diary · OOTD, NOTD, Bauble Bar & Nordstrom Collab

Hey lovebugs! Happy HAPPY Tuesday to each of you! Here are some snippets from the last few days! 


Left Photo: Casual OOTD for work today! I always feel like I can dress borderline business casual with the right pieces.

Right Photo: Playing dress up yesterday with my new romper from Target and some sandals I purchased from Target about two months ago! 


Left Photo: Since I gave up beauty products for Lent, I have been shopping my collection. I discovered a brand new Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent that I had not used yet. I decided to try it yesterday and it kept my face matte all day. The photo was taken after 8+ hours of wear. I am just wearing NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, set with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.

Right Photo: Love my nails and how vibrant they look about my MK wristlet!


Left Photo: What is new? Selfie on the way to work!

Right Photo: A lovely gift sent to me anonymously by a subscriber. The original item she sent arrived broken and Neiman Marcus sent me a replacement in exchange. They are so beautiful! Hubby & I are awaiting some good news and once received...we will put these to use! 


Left Photo: Sugar flower and wedding cake topper that I just cannot part with! I have decided I will keep them forever! Since I did not preserve my bouquet, I feel these are very sentimental reminders of one of the best days of my life. 

Right Photo: Bauble Bar Rosebud Frontal Necklace
Nordstrom x Bauble Bar collab is MIND BLOWING! This was a necklace I ordered as soon as I heard of their collab! Head over to Nordstrom online (3% cash back through Ebates) and order yourself some of the beauties in the collection! I know that only select Nordstrom stores are carrying the items from the collaboration! 

In other news, I MADE A DECISION on my return to YouTube! 

A lot of people have inquired about whether I would return to YouTube and the answer is 'yes'. However, I only intend to return in a limited capacity sharing things that only pertain to health, beauty and fashion. With having those areas of interest be my main focus, that will allow me to do something I enjoy doing without sacrificing my desire for privacy. I think that makes sense because that is why I started YouTube in the first place! I will use my blog at a platform to share the photos I want to share! I do not intend on making my Instagram public [and/or] accepting followers that I do not know personally. And I do not want to create an Instagram to share beauty & fashion photos, as that seems like a headache. I also do not intend on opening up a Twitter account again. Simply put, my blog, Google+ and my main YouTube channels will be the only areas where I will share content. 

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