Apr 9, 2014

Tuesday Photo Diary · Capstone Grade, Shellac Hot Pop Pink & My Dream Purse

I was able to get a lot accomplished yesterday, including the long overdue blog post discussing my YouTube future. The most rewarding surprise of yesterday was the posting of my Capstone grade! Although, I knew I deserved an 'A'...I was not certain whether the professor would award a perfect grade. Well, I definitely got what I already knew I deserved anyway! That was by far the highlight of my day yesterday! 

During lunch, my coworker's wife surprised her husband with a singing gorilla for his birthday! It was quite hilarious and we ended up having birthday treats from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Yum!! After work, I came home and changed into some comfy clothes because the weather was gorgeous yesterday. After running a few quick errands, I scheduled a gel pedicure with my favorite nail tech of all time and splurged on the Aloe Vera Pedicure! Can we say amazeballs and totally worth the $68!? I do not know the name of the nail color I got, as it was a Shellac color...but after doing some research...I believe it is called 'Hot Pop Pink'! I am modeling my pedi with my new sandals from J. Crew that I picked up last month. They should still be available on the J. Crew website.

I must not forget to mention that  for my graduation gift, I am planning to purchase my second dream purse. I say second because the first dream purse of mine is the Fendi '2Jours Elite' Leather Shopper. The third is the Chanel classic flap bag. And I just cannot see myself being comfortable with spending a mortgage payment on a purse! haha! 

Check out the 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' leather satchel in Jade here.

Anyway, the plan for today is to get myself together since I just finished working out not too long ago. Then, I am having lunch with my bestie later today. Tomorrow is our company's community service day that I am looking forward to. And I will finish off the week with getting my hair done! It has been a very long while since I experienced the luxury of having my hair done by someone else. Long while means since our wedding! :) 

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