Apr 15, 2014

Tuesday Photo Diary · A Testimony & Jo Malone Fragrance Combining (The Perfect Pairing)

Hello love! I feel so inspired to share my photos today because within 24 hours...amazing things have happened for two people very close to me. I have always said that there cannot be a testimony without a test, as that has been the story my entire life. Every time I encountered a test, I knew that it would eventually be a testimony. Not once have I ever been proved wrong. Some people test(s) are longer or harder than others but we all experience them. I am not above admitting that life is not perfect all the time. You only know about someone what they choose to share with you. Remember that when you try to piece together someone else's life or think that they are not deserving of the blessings they have.  That includes ordinary people, celebrities, bloggers, etc. You never know what someone had to go through to get to where they are. After we have shared our testimony to our family, I will do a blog post about it to inspire you ALL just as I have been inspired.

Anyway, here are some quick photos for our weekly Tuesday photo diary:

I treated myself to a Caramel Frap today (non-fat milk with whip) in celebration of the testimony that I will be sharing soon!

Photos courtesy of Hoard of Trends

I have wanted to purchase the Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Mini Moto crossbody bag for a very long time now. For a while I contemplated between getting this size or the non-mini size. After many long trips to Nordstrom and reading detailed reviews online, I decided to order it from Nordstrom (here) so that I could get 9% cash back through Ebates. Since grad school is over now, I am into carrying smaller crossbody bags as I do not have as much to carry with me during the day. No books, MacBook Pro, agenda, iPad mini, chargers, etc. Just been keeping it very simple! I will do a what's in my bag video and blog post soon. I feel that this is the perfect bag because it honestly fits all the necessities! I am currently carrying my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC crossbody bag (here) until the Mini Moto bag arrives. 

Photo courtesy of Joel Osteen Facebook Page

Cannot believe I had to put on a winter coat today because when I left for work this morning it was less than 40 degrees. No bueno! Hoping the warmer weather will return in time for Easter weekend because I have a super cute dress I would like to include in my next Erika's Style Diary post! Also, I told hubby that I would like to film a video on Saturday if it at possible. If its raining cats and dogs, I can't film! 

It has been on my to-do list all semester long to wash my 456,654,125 dirty makeup brushes but I just could not bare spend hours washing makeup brushes during my last semester of grad school. I would only wash about 6-7 at a time and keep those brushes in full rotation. Well, this weekend...I finally got around to washing the face brushes and sponges. I will finish the concealer and eye brushes this weekend coming up...which are plenty! So proud of myself for finally starting on the massive task! I will never let them get that bad again. Sadly, I had to dispose of all my Real Techniques stippling brushes...as they begin coming apart while washing them. I think it was due to the fact that they had been sitting for months with foundation dried up inside of them. My loss! I definitely learned my lesson.

Face of the Day on Monday / Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (here) is still my holy grail foundation of all time! Highlighter and coral lips has been my newest love! My favorite illuminator/highlighter has been the Fusion Soft Lights by Smashbox in Baked Stardust (here). My other favorite, which I used on my wedding day, is the Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Luminizer in Stardust (here). Thanks to my dear friend and fellow blogger Michelle for the recommendation. 

Oh MONDAY! A few realizations: (1) my hair looks more blonde than usual (2) loving my coral nails -- will have to redo this color next week (3) although cold, the clouds were absolutely stunning yesterday and always reminds me that my Dad is somewhere beyond those clouds looking down on me from Heaven and (4) never do a colonic within 24-48 hours after your last because you will experience a discomfort that I am sure is comparable to labor. Only kidding about the labor comparison but the pain & discomfort was bad! 

May or may not have added some new Jo Malone items to my growing collection. It is sort of a gift and a curse that all of the Jo Malone fragrances I own thus far work amazingly with my natural body chemistry. They always end up smelling way better after I have worn them for a few hours! Heaven in a perfume bottle and their body creams are to die for. Here is a sneak peek of my latest Jo Malone fragrance combination that I have named 'the perfect pairing): here and here. Thank me later for this beautiful pairing! Photos coming soon! You can view the other Jo Malone fragrance combinations on Nordstrom's website (here).

Face of the Day on Monday again...double the trouble and twice as nice! Once again, my hair is looking more blonde than usual, which makes me feel sun-kissed. 

{Countdown to our honeymoon because its the next time I will see a beach!}

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