May 30, 2014

Friday Photo (well, CÉLFIE) Roundup!

Hey hey beautiful girls! Happy happy FRIDAY! A four day work week sure does make the weekend feel like it came even quicker...even though technically it did by one day! We have a team lunch today in which we will be enjoying some yummy Texas style BBQ away from the office, but I wanted to make sure I shared this week's photo roundup first! I didn't take many pics (well other than selfies) so far this week because I have been heck of busy but I hope to catch up this weekend! 

As if you aren't used to this already, here they are! 

And yes, I am wearing shorts to way on jean Friday since I am expected to sit outside in the heat & humidity eating BBQ! Not a fan but these shorts will make it more tolerable!

Scarf - Zara (here)
Necklace - Kate Spade (here)
Shirt - Target (here)
Shorts - J. Crew (similar)

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