May 5, 2014

Hello May + April 2014 Recap

April was just incredibly good to me! I started the month by ending my graduate school career. If you recall, our Capstone presentation was on April 3, 2014. After that, celebrating commenced. On April 15th, babe was offered his dream job (at this point in his career) for the company that was his #1 choice during his career search. Fast forward to last Friday when I attended by Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony with my husband right by my side.  Then, this week came and we have officially been married for two months. Although that is not a lot of time, it has been everything that I imagined it could be and more. I very much value that my husband & I are on the same page. We both know what our financial goals are…we both place God first in our lives and then our marriage. We both understand the honesty, respect and commitment it takes to make a marriage work versus a relationship or even being engaged. I am here to tell you that marriage, if you value it as you should, is WORK! Every single time I listen to Chrisette Michele’s song A Couple of Forevers, I think of what honey & I have. I just want to be his wife forever, in this life and next. I don’t know how my April recap turned into marriage talk but it is very important to me.

I don’t know why each of you visit my blog often or if you are a new reader, but this space of mine truly blossomed in April. I committed mid-month to doing a blog post every single day and it has challenged me. It has challenged me to be better. It has challenged me to provide content that each of you find interesting and engaging. It has challenged me to offer something that the millions of other bloggers do not. Being a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger is not easy. You do not make a ton of money, unless you have made it big. Some blog posts may only have 40 views, while others may have a few thousand. It is hard to maintain your desire to do something if you don’t see immediate results. I am proud to say that my consistently has increased my viewer count significantly. It’s truly incredible to witness this platform grow.  I am eagerly looking forward to bringing Erika’s Style Diary back because that is a favorite for my readers! I am waiting patiently to find a fashion photographer that I can work with on a weekly basis for an affordable price.

All of this to say, if you love something and are passionate about it…give it your all! You will reap the benefits from the work that you have put in.

Until tomorrow…


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