May 2, 2014

Obsessed with Lace, Beyoncé and Minimal Makeup

Hey hey loves! I hope that you all are doing well and that the weather is just as warm where you are as it is in Texas. Spring has definitely arrived and is in full swing. I do not think we will have many weeks left of this awesome weather before it just gets super hot here. Since its midweek, I wanted to share some photos with you from this week thus far! 

On Sunday evening, I decided to try on this lace romper from ASOS that I plan on possibly wearing during our trip! Hubby loves it. I love that it is feminine and sexy...but at the same time the low v-plunge is not too revealing. 

Case of the Monday blues! After the fun weekend we had, it was definitely hard to get up and work out on Monday morning. Babe ended up getting food poisoning so my main focus was taking care of him. Not to worry, he is much better now! I would say 95% better! We think it may have been the oysters we had at dinner on Friday night. 

The lace dress I wore on Monday is an old find from Anthropologie. The necklace is from the Bauble Bar x Nordstrom collab! I have talked about this necklace before on my blog.

I started packing for our weekend getaway on Sunday & part of Monday. My goal is to fit everything inside of my Vera Bradley roll along tote in Boysenberry. Although this print is no longer available, it is one of my favorites. I really want to pack lightly this time because the trip is very short! 

Tuesday MAYHEM was created when the Beyoncé & Jay Z On The Run Tour tickets went on pre-sale. Talk about pandemonium! Ticketmaster just cannot handle the amount of traffic that Queen Bey creates on their site. My sister is flying into Dallas to see it with me and she will be staying for about a week! Needless to say, we got our two tickets in the 100s section after a lot of patience. 

I absolutely love snacking on blueberries and raspberries! Yummers!

After the Beyonce ticket watch was over, I headed into work! Fresh faced minimal makeup has been my favorite lately. I just try to be very minimal with the amount of products I wear because its warmer outside...I feel like I sweat my makeup off within two seconds. The clip-ins were still going strong after yesterday; however, I took them out last night to wash them so I can install them myself before our trip! I plan on washing my hair tomorrow and installing them! Will let you know how that goes!

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? I will be attending my first wedding outdoors, as well as having my MBA conferred without actually being present. My degree will be waiting in my office for me when I get back since I have to sign for it in order to have it delivered.

Look out for lots of pics from our trip! :) 

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