May 23, 2014

The Best Brother & Sisters

I recently shared a family portrait that we took during my trip home to Maryland for Mother's Day Weekend! Although we are a blended family, you will only notice if I mentioned it the end of the day, we are one big happy family (LITERALLY)! When my sister (Christina) & I met Jeffrey & Jada, they were both so very young! It is hard to believe that now my sister Jada is nearly college age and Jeffrey is on a basketball scholarship at Catholic University. Being the oldest of the four of us is not easy, but it is amazing to have three siblings that I know look up to me! My sister Christina is in her second year teaching first grade...her lifelong dream! I have so much to be proud of when I look at all three of them! I can only hope that we will continue to grow closer as a family now that I have committed to visiting the East Coast more than once a year! I do know that my sister Christina is ready for me to give her some nieces and nephews! In due time...that will happen...but not right now! 

If you have siblings, cherish them! I know I do! Before you know it, we will all be married and living our own lives. I will never forget the time we had growing up together. I most certainly wont forget my sister Christina who changed my life when she was born when I was four years old! I love her as if she is my own child...granted she isn't because my Mom did all that hard work carrying her and then having her! 

Happy Friday and have a great 3-day weekend! 

P.S. my eyes forever look almost closed! This is nothing new!

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