May 19, 2014

Weekend Fun in Arkansas

Where do I begin? I will just blurt it all out and then include some pics from my awesome three-day weekend...two days of which was spent in Arkansas with my in-laws. The pastor of the church that Rico grew up in retired earlier this year after his 56th year of being the pastor for the same church. In appreciation of his service, a retirement gala was planned to honor his lifetime commitment to the church and his church family. Since I knew I had a lot to get done before we drove to Arkansas, I took a personal day on Friday. We left around 2 pm or so on Friday afternoon to head to Arkansas to attend the gala that was planned for Saturday evening. While we were in Arkansas, we stopped to visit Granny (Rico's paternal grandmother) and Aunt Roz (Rico's Dad's sister). It was such a wonderful weekend spent with family and it was a gentle reminder of what truly matters! 

My gown I wore to the gala can be found here. I paired the gown with my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. My inspiration for my hair, signature red lip and dress was Old Hollywood Glam. I went very simple on my accessories, opting to only wear my J. Crew earrings I have had since last year. 

Beauty tidbits: As I mentioned, lately I have been wearing the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (WHICH I AM LOVING). However, I wanted to try an HD foundation that I knew would be flash friendly. I have always loved the MUFE HD foundation. However, both of the times I tried it in the past...I was stuck between shades 170 and I had to mix them. I didn't want to buy two of the same foundation. Well, before we left for our trip...I went to get color matched again and the 173 matched flawlessly! So, that is the foundation I wore the entire weekend...including to the retirement gala. 

Other tidbits: 

** Had to get Waffle House while in Arkansas. We have them here in Dallas but it tastes better there.

** Love the horses that are next to Granny's house...looks like the Mom had a baby since I was last there. 

** I love the wooded road that leads to my our family's house that we stay at while in Arkansas. It is so serene!

** We went to see Spider-Man 2 while we were in Arkansas! And fresh popcorn makes anybody smile! Hoping to catch up on all the other new movies at the theaters during Memorial Day weekend! 

** I had two looks on Friday! One was nude...and by the afternoon I was flirty with my pink lips! 

** My hair is growing like a weed! I have no plans on cutting it anytime soon!

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