Jun 2, 2014

Awesome Weekend in Dallas ❣

As you saw in this post, Hubby & I had an extraordinary date night. We were prepared the chill the remainder of the weekend because all we did on Friday night...it felt like it was an entire day of fun! But, we still had Saturday and Sunday left to have some additional fun! We did just that! 

On Saturday after honey finished his boxing class, we headed downtown to the W to relax poolside. I had originally planned to get in but it was really packed and it turned out to be more fun to have a drink & just enjoy the views from the pool deck. 

After our fun at the W, we headed over to Uptown to have some New York style pizza at Grimaldi's Pizza. This pizzeria is a little taste of Brooklyn here in Dallas. One of our all-time favorite pizzeria's in New York City is John's Pizzeria (near Times Square) is a place we miss often so Grimaldi's gives us a little slice of NY pizza heaven! haha! It was delicious and even better since we had not been in a while. Pizza was followed by a trip to The Cupcakery to pick up some cupcakes for dessert. Not to mention, we ended up back at Perry's Steakhouse to enjoy some cocktails at the bar. Ended Saturday by watching the San Antonio Spurs advance to the NBA Finals by beating OKC in Game 6. That was a really good game! I do feel like OKC gave the game away in OT but oh well...what can you do? 

Sunday was a day of relaxation and the first day of June! Went to see Malificent for opening weekend, had some yummy shaved iced at Bahama Bucks and overall just enjoyed some time around the house. We also had to get some Tex Mex since we crave Mexican food almost weekly. I ended up getting the Mama's Tacos and it was yummers! I usually either get the beef burritos or the Rico salad. I switched it up this time! Also, did some brush laundry...wore one of my all-time favorite perfumes...and anything else I might have missed. :) 

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