Jun 14, 2014

Dallas Museum of Art Adventure

Hey there beautiful girls! Happy Saturday! I wanted to share a brief photo recap from our Dallas Museum of Art adventure we did today. After having a double date last night with our friends {Brooke & Charles}, we knew that we wanted to be active today and continue our weekend tradition of exploring Dallas. We have lived here for 4+ years and never been to the Dallas Museum of Art until today. It was a very awesome experience to finally visit because hubby & I both enjoy going to museum and learning about things that are foreign to us. 

Being 5'10", I had to stand next to this artwork to show you the scale of how large it was. 

My greatest takeaway from our museum adventure today was for me to continue to appreciate other people for who they are...to appreciate our differences. I leave you with this:

"Every race has his beauty, which differs from that of other races." - Author Unknown

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