Jun 15, 2014

Mani & Pedi, Lark On the Park & Double Date

Hey there beautiful girls! As promised, here is my photo roundup for this week! This week was quite incredible for reasons I cannot quite discuss as of yet. But, I will focus on what I can share. I have been super busy at work (which is nothing new) as I try to manage my portfolio while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance, as well as working out and eating healthy. I didn't do much this week until Friday. I took a personal day just to recharge and refresh. I ended up having a lunch date with babe at Lark on the Park. After I went to Posh Nail Spa in West Village to get a quick mani/pedi! It was quite the deal since they charge $45 for a signature manicure and pedicure (without gel). Later on that night, we met up with our friends Brooke & Charles. Brooke is my New York model love who happened to be in town visiting her boyfriend Charles who only is here for a few months on a temporary work assignment. Babe & I love spending time together but double dates are just as fun! There is a photo of me & Brooke below. The guys aren't pictured! Its so funny because we ended up running into them at the DMA yesterday totally by chance. She is here until Thursday so we are having a get together at Charles' place on Monday, which should be a blast because we will be cooking & drinking wine. 

Other Tidbits:

* I need to wash my hair tomorrow! I tried to switch wash days from Thursday to Sunday so I am not up all night after deep conditioning my hair.

* I have a lot to get done around the house, but hubby & I are always on the go. I always hold down the kitchen and the laundry, but the blinds are dusty and the baseboards need a good wiping. That is next on my agenda! And I need to do my weekly brush laundry!

* We have settled on a timing for when we plan to get our fur babies! We want to get them when we get back from visiting the DMV in September.

*My closet is a disaster! Just thought you would want to know that! haha!

Nail Color / Estee Lauder 'Purple Passion' (I hauled this product here)

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