Jun 22, 2014

What Happened This Week!?

I am due for my Sunday photo roundup but as I looked through my photos for the week, I am not sure what occurred! I have pics of flowers, food and the outdoors! I feel like I lost my photo mojo this week and it could be because of work but that is to be discussed at a later date. I did not want to let you all down this week because a lot of people have stated they look forward to these kind of posts so I want to share what I have! I tried to include some photos of what I eat healthy during the week to stay in shape! 

I am off to finish the laundry now! Have a wonderful day! 

Other Tidbits:

* I am not straightening my hair this week because its supposed to rain every single day from now until Thursday! I will be living that 'bun life' all week...until the next wash day.

* Currently, I am doing Sunday laundry! Headed to see Think Like a Man Too shortly for the first showing of today! 

* If you read last week's post...this next statement will make sense. My closet is still a disaster! And I just cant find the time to correct that situation. It gives me a slight anxiety attack every time I go in there because its not organized or at least by my standards.

And now some encouragement for the week that I came across on Instagram over the weekend...

Be sure to live in the moment. God wants you to enjoy what is happening in your LIFE right now. That will best prepare you for what is up next. Don't live in the future because guess what...the future hasn't happened yet. Life feels the most rewarding when you enjoy the present! 

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