Jul 25, 2014

Manicure + Pedicure, Honeymoon Prep and Sissy Leaves Dallas

Hey there beautiful girls! Happy FRIDAY! I cannot believe how quick this week flew by between being busy at work, my sister visiting, the On The Run Tour and preparing for vacation. I feel like before I could even accept it, it was time for my sister to return home. Before I knew it, Friday was upon me and I realized I still needed to get a mani + pedi for vacation. On my nails, I ended up getting a gel mani with CND Shellac in Desert Poppy. My toes match very closely, even though they are a non-gel color [YSL #4]. Not much to say other than I cannot wait to travel to the DMV area once in August and then for work/play in September. I will get to see my sister at least twice more before the holidays! She is considering spending Christmas or Thanksgiving here in Texas with her significant other so we will see what happens!

Now, onto the pictures since this will likely be one of my last blog post before we return from St. Lucia!

Absolutely love how my mani turned out!

Friday Vibes

Mani + Pedi

My lovely sister & best friend, Tina!

Our view at the On The Run Tour! We were seated in section 124!

Another selfie from the day of the concert! I love the filter I added on this photo! I love my hair in this photo but I am excited to let my hair do its own thing while we are honeymoonin'. I am not even bringing a flat iron or blow dryer, which is shocking to my husband. 

The goodies from my collection that my sister took home with her!

I guess I shouldn't have challenged babe to lift me! He did it with such ease!

And me trying to lift my +/- 120 pound sister took everything in me! Look at that face! I am in rare form! haha!

On the way to pick up my sister from the airport on Monday

Car selfie on the way to the airport! My face shows how excited I was for my sister to visit!

My favorite pens that I use at the office! We will be moving into our permanent office space next month! Very excited about that!

Jul 23, 2014

We Were On The Run Last Night!

Just wanted to share some photos from last night when my sister [who is in town visiting me from Maryland] & I went to the On The Run concert at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Not much to be said here...other than we had a freaking blast! The blisters and sore feet are proof enough that I had a great time! Enjoy! By the way, the jumpsuit I wore to the concert can be found here. I wore my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes with the jumpsuit as I plan to get a lot of use out of them!

Jul 21, 2014

Highlights, Honeymoon Packing + Birthday Brunch Celebration

Good Morning beautiful girls! Happy Monday to each of you! I hope that you are as ready as I am to conquer this week! Last week I had my highlights touched up as I had not had them done since before our wedding. You will get to see a rare blow out photo of my hair in this post. I spent a lot of time shopping to get ready for our honeymoon trip to St. Lucia. I picked up a large cosmetics case from Vera Bradley that is lined, a sunhat, sunscreen for my face and the Eagle Creek pack-it cubes. On Sunday, I attended my girlfriend's birthday brunch at True Food Kitchen where I wore a striped shell from J. Crew with some white chino shorts from Banana Republic. A yummy brunch with great company! I ordered the turkey lasagna with the watermelon rose cocktail. After we finished brunch, we went to enjoy some cupcakes and chitchat at Sprinkles. Since Rico went to Arkansas for the weekend and left early on Friday to go (while I was still hard at work), I decided to start organizing what I will pack for our trip since it is quickly approaching.
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LIp Color // Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5 with NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait


Jul 19, 2014

Erika's Skincare Products

Hey there beautiful girls! Many of you have asked questions regarding the skincare products that I use, as well as what my skincare regimen consists of. There have also been questions on whether I still only use paraben-free facial products and what works for my skin type given my skin is highly sensitive and acne-prone. While I cannot assume these products or a combination of these products would work with your skin, these products really work well for me. I tend to change which products I use depending on what my skin is telling me that it needs. If my skin is having hormonal breakouts, I tend to gravitate towards products with AHAs or Salyiciyc Acid in them. For some reason or another, those products seem to work best at clearing my skin while at the same time ensuring I have minimal scarring from the breakouts. With that said, my skincare regimen can vary daily, weekly or monthly depending on the health of my skin. As of lately, I tend to not be as specific about whether products are paraben-free. While I am conscious of the ingredients in  my skincare products, I realized through trial and error that some of my holy grail products contain parabens. I included all of the products that are currently in heavy rotation on my bathroom sink. In addition to these products, I still use some Lush products, honey, apple cider vinegar, etc. I am sure there are some products that I have forgot to mention but I was sure to cover the basics. If you would like a specific regimen that I use in the morning and in the evening, please let me know in the comments. The purpose of this blog post was to give you a reference blog posts that you could always refer back to in order to see what skincare products I use and enjoy. I will have a photo roundup posted for this week soon! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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Jul 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom anniversary sale has begun and prices go UP on August 4th! So you have more than enough time to get your shop ON! Not to mention, if you shop through Ebates (sign up here), you can earn 6% cash back on your purchase. And mostly everyone knows that Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns! Now is the time to stock up on your favorites or try some new items! Personally, I love buying product staples during the Anniversary Sale or picking up shoes & clothing for the fall and winter seasons.
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Happy Shopping! Let me know in the comments what you usually pick up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale if you are a Nordstrom lover like I am! I shared earlier on my Google+ page that I purchased a pair of sandals that (by my luck) were not on the Anniversary Sale list. I do not know if I will be placing a huge anniversary sale order like I have in prior year for a few reasons. One, we leave for our honeymoon very soon and I would rather spend money on making memories. Two, I need not one more thing. Three, my love for sheath dresses has already taken over my closet.
See you in the next post!

Jul 14, 2014

Mom's Visit + My Love for Maryland

Happy Monday beautiful girls! As I mentioned in my last blog post, my Mommy came to visit Rico & I for the weekend. She had to visit a property in Waco for work so she ended up making it a weekend trip so she could enjoy the weekend with us! She came in on Friday and left Sunday. Depsite the bad storms in Maryland, she arrived only 15 minutes after her original arrival time. I Thank God that he covered her during her travels!
Mom & I at Happy Hour on Friday. We didn't take many pics as we were catching up since Rico had not seen her since we got married and I had not seen her since Mother's Day.
On Saturday, mom and I went shopping! We started at the Tory Burch store in Highland Park Village. My mom has never owned any TB shoes so I figured it was time to welcome her to the TB fam and there was no better way than to visit an actual TB boutique location. She really enjoyed herself and ended up walking away with two pair of new shoes. From there, we went to the Dallas Galleria to do some shopping at Pandora and Banana Republic. My mom is always very specific about where she wants to go when she is here. Turns out Pandora had a deal going on and so did Banana Republic. Mom purchased me two new Pandora charms for my existing bracelet and eight new charms for her bracelet, which her bracelet is nearly filled now. My bracelet was already filled before we went into the store but I decided to pass down one charm to both of my younger sisters to make room for the two new ones. After Pandora, we cleaned house in BR scoring 8 items (4 items each) for $167! The sale they had going on was EPIC!
One of the pairs of shoes Mommy picked up!

Our damage at Banana Republic.

Right before we left the Taste of Dallas

Babe & I at Taste of Dallas

The other charm my Mom got for me with the pink pearl!
Mommy's bracelet with all of the new charms and her old ones!
Later on Saturday, we went to the Taste of Dallas at Fair Park. My mom is currently on the Daniel Fast that she does twice a year so we were happy that the Taste of Dallas offered some vegan options for her to enjoy. Rico & I on the other hand enjoyed boudin, fried catfish, chicken gyros and more.
On Sunday, we started the day with attending service at St. John Unleashed in Southlake followed by brunch at Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District. We then watched a movie back at our home before she had to leave for the airport. After she left, babe & I finally got to watch Captain Phillips because it was available via AT&T On Demand. Then I prayer and closed my eyes...preparing myself for a new week and asking God to rest my heart because when family visits...it always makes living in Texas hard.

The dress my Mom bought for me when we went to Banana Republic. The belt is separate from the dress and
I bought it from Anthropologie months ago.

The Stargazer lilies babe surprised me with on Friday.

I am convinced that although I love living in Texas...there is no place like home. Maryland does something for me that no other place does. And while I may spend the rest of my days in Texas, Maryland will always be home sweet home. I often try to convince myself that it is no longer home since I haven't lived there in 10+ years but no matter how long its been...the DMV area still makes my heart skip a beat. My mom told us stories this weekend of my grandfather working at the Bethlehem Steel Plant in Feels Point and her years growing up in Turner Station. I have a different level of appreciation for U.S. steelworkers knowing that my grandfather's hands helped to build this country...yet in his retirement, my Mom has to take care of him because his pension and social security isn't enough to afford him the quality of life he once had. Not to mention, he is not the man he once was due to losing his memory and his battle with cancer. I say all this to say...there is no place like home. And I can understand why Lebron James wanted to return to Cleveland to potentially finish his career. There is a feeling home gives you that makes you feel as though no other place will ever compare. I now will proudly look down at my Pandora bracelet often because my crab charm will forever be a constant reminder of where I came from.