Jul 19, 2014

Erika's Skincare Products

Hey there beautiful girls! Many of you have asked questions regarding the skincare products that I use, as well as what my skincare regimen consists of. There have also been questions on whether I still only use paraben-free facial products and what works for my skin type given my skin is highly sensitive and acne-prone. While I cannot assume these products or a combination of these products would work with your skin, these products really work well for me. I tend to change which products I use depending on what my skin is telling me that it needs. If my skin is having hormonal breakouts, I tend to gravitate towards products with AHAs or Salyiciyc Acid in them. For some reason or another, those products seem to work best at clearing my skin while at the same time ensuring I have minimal scarring from the breakouts. With that said, my skincare regimen can vary daily, weekly or monthly depending on the health of my skin. As of lately, I tend to not be as specific about whether products are paraben-free. While I am conscious of the ingredients in  my skincare products, I realized through trial and error that some of my holy grail products contain parabens. I included all of the products that are currently in heavy rotation on my bathroom sink. In addition to these products, I still use some Lush products, honey, apple cider vinegar, etc. I am sure there are some products that I have forgot to mention but I was sure to cover the basics. If you would like a specific regimen that I use in the morning and in the evening, please let me know in the comments. The purpose of this blog post was to give you a reference blog posts that you could always refer back to in order to see what skincare products I use and enjoy. I will have a photo roundup posted for this week soon! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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