Jul 25, 2014

Manicure + Pedicure, Honeymoon Prep and Sissy Leaves Dallas

Hey there beautiful girls! Happy FRIDAY! I cannot believe how quick this week flew by between being busy at work, my sister visiting, the On The Run Tour and preparing for vacation. I feel like before I could even accept it, it was time for my sister to return home. Before I knew it, Friday was upon me and I realized I still needed to get a mani + pedi for vacation. On my nails, I ended up getting a gel mani with CND Shellac in Desert Poppy. My toes match very closely, even though they are a non-gel color [YSL #4]. Not much to say other than I cannot wait to travel to the DMV area once in August and then for work/play in September. I will get to see my sister at least twice more before the holidays! She is considering spending Christmas or Thanksgiving here in Texas with her significant other so we will see what happens!

Now, onto the pictures since this will likely be one of my last blog post before we return from St. Lucia!

Absolutely love how my mani turned out!

Friday Vibes

Mani + Pedi

My lovely sister & best friend, Tina!

Our view at the On The Run Tour! We were seated in section 124!

Another selfie from the day of the concert! I love the filter I added on this photo! I love my hair in this photo but I am excited to let my hair do its own thing while we are honeymoonin'. I am not even bringing a flat iron or blow dryer, which is shocking to my husband. 

The goodies from my collection that my sister took home with her!

I guess I shouldn't have challenged babe to lift me! He did it with such ease!

And me trying to lift my +/- 120 pound sister took everything in me! Look at that face! I am in rare form! haha!

On the way to pick up my sister from the airport on Monday

Car selfie on the way to the airport! My face shows how excited I was for my sister to visit!

My favorite pens that I use at the office! We will be moving into our permanent office space next month! Very excited about that!

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