Aug 25, 2014

A Relaxing Weekend

Hey there beautiful girls! It was a very relaxing weekend for my husband & I as I was very exhausted from the last minute work travel to Chicago. We also will be traveling for the Labor Day weekend so we just wanted to relax and recover. I do not know if I have mentioned it yet but hubby & I have been working out 6 days per week doing P90X again. We did it back in college when Hubby first lost a lot of weight but had not really used it since. However, I told him I would like to lose weight before we start trying for kids in 2 years...not because I am not happy with where I am because I love my weight but I need to give myself a cushion and focus on building muscle and lowering body fat before that time comes. Also, babe has a goal he wants to achieve before year end and its always easier when you feel like you are both in it together.
We didn't do much this weekend, but we did have a day date on Saturday to Velvet Taco. I absolutely LOVE this taco place and it had been a while since we visited. If you live in the DFW area, you should definitely consider visiting Velvet.
As I may have mentioned before, I lost my business credit card while I was in Chicago for work travel. As a result, Rico insisted I get a case that could carry my phone, ID and credit cards. I ordered this case from Amazon and I plan to use it every single day to avoid that mistake happening again. It will be particularly useful when I travel to Arizona and Utah next month for work.
A self-portrait I took on Saturday before we headed out for our lunch date. Necklace is from Zara...I just love their accessories.
While I am not perfect, I always strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Proverbs 31 has been very influential to me as I grow in my faith and in my marriage. If you are looking to live with a purpose, you can most certainly find some direction here.
Ponytail kind of day outside of Velvet Taco
Dress / Anthropologie
Another self-portrait.
My honey & I before we left for Velvet Taco.
And I leave you with the awesome roses that hubby brought home for me on Friday before date night. He always lets me know how much he appreciates me with his random acts of kindness. I think the fact that we both strive to show one another how much we are appreciated has definitely helped our marriage to remain strong. I am so thankful that God sent me my life partner and INCREDIBLY grateful that nothing or no one before him ever worked out.

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