Aug 19, 2014

Honeymoon in St. Lucia - Part III

Upon the realization that we have over 700 photos from at least four sources (GoPro, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 and my DSLR), I just decided I would share as many photos as I can that I find interesting from our honeymoon to St. Lucia. The pictures may or may not have been taken on the same day. Today there are photos from our day in the rainforest zip-lining, the golf day we had at Sandals La Toc and much more. You will also get to experience through photos the amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean from the fire station in Dennery. Two of our favorite restaurants at the Sandals Grande St. Lucia were Barefoot by the Sea (dinner) and The Mariner (lunch). I first tasted the Julie mango on a bus ride back from zip-lining, along with a shot of spiced rum in an old Bounty Rum bottle. Our tour guide on the zip-lining tour told us a shot of spiced rum a day keeps the doctor away. I haven't been able to verify that so proceed at your own risk. 

On a final note (for this post), I highly recommend the concierge level rooms at Sandals resorts. The service we received was absolutely unmatched! Club Sandals ROCKS!

Don't be surprised if photos from our zip-lining tour or golf day make an appearance in another post! There are so many that I may end up finding others that I want to share! :)

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