Sep 15, 2014

Weekly Photo Diary | Grateful Heart, Hardworking Woman, New Books to Read & OOTDs

Last week was especially important to me because mid-week I had an AHA! moment. There was a moment where I thought every single thing in my life that happened brought me to where I am today. My success in my career and the quality of my life is a direct result of the sacrifices I have made to reach this point. In order to continue growing (a process that never ends), you must be able to have an appreciation for where you came from. With all that said, although I love sharing all things beauty and fashion with you girls, my true purpose in bloggin' has been to share my love of life with each of you so that you may in turn have the same appreciation for life that I do. Just wanted to share that on this beautiful Monday morning! Now, onto the photos...which I know you are ready to see! :)

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