Sep 27, 2014

WEEKLY PHOTO DIARY | The Makeup Show Dallas, Gel Mani & Food Truck Fun

Hello there my beauties! As I type this, I have just sent out the invite to my 28th birthday celebration happening two weeks from today! I could not be more excited to celebrate another year of awesomeness with my family, close friends and loves (both new and old). This week revealed a lot for me. As I work on writing my business plan for the non-profit that Hubby & I are planning to launch mid-to-late 2015, I have a newfound appreciation for business owners, #GIRLBOSSES, and entrepreneurs alike. When you commit to something bigger than yourself, it consumes you! A few nights of insomnia this week are proof enough that this is meant to happen. I live, eat, breathe and sleep getting this off the ground successfully! Generational wealth, generational success is not an option in my household. We want to create a legacy our children can be proud of and benefit from! *steps off stage* I wasn't intending to open with that but its what my heart lead me to! 

The highlight of my week was attending The Makeup Show Dallas today. It was absolutely incredible and even though my best friend had to cancel at the last minute...I went alone and it was just as awesome as I imagined it would be!

Lots of pics this week! 

Disclaimer: I admit I take a lot of selfies but truth be told...I take a lot of photos in general all the durn time. 50,000+ photos and counting in my iPhoto library! lol! Its cray! 


Early birthday gifts never hurt anyone!

I want the new iPhone 6 now but the Space Gray is not in stock anywhere near me! So I am waiting it out!

Pulled out one of my all-time favorite fragrances this week!

I met Mr. AJ Crimson himself at TMS Dallas and he said my skin looked flawless! *two snaps*

My TMS Dallas Haul! Will post a blog post on the specific products tomorrow and better photos! 
My bestie and niece, Taylor, stopped by to see me! And we made time for some selfies...per our usual! 
Cant believe my niece will be 2 in November! I love her as if she's my own!

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