Oct 13, 2014


Hey there beautiful girls! As I sit at our kitchen table having some tea, I decided I would share my weekly photo diary before I am off to celebrate my birthday with hubby since I leave for Arizona tomorrow. I will be gone all week so I want to cherish the time that we have left to spend together today. Not to mention, our 7-year dating anniversary is next Sunday and we typically would celebrate together the entire week...but I will be away. 

I had such an amazing time with family and friends on Saturday night celebrating another year of life! I could not be more thankful for each of the people that came out to celebrate with me. Lots of photos in this post! I actually am at a loss for words this week because this weekend was more than I ever dreamed it could be. With that said, may the photos speak for themselves! xoxo

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Bestie bracelets! I finally got a chance to give the friendship bracelet to my bestie that I picked up at Ann Taylor. She loved it!

Finally located them in my size! I've been wanting them since they came out!
I have a haul blog post coming up so stay tuned!

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