Oct 5, 2014


Hey there beautiful girls! I hope that all of you had an awesome week and ready for the week ahead. I am personally ready for next weekend because that is when I will celebrate my birthday with all my family & friends before I am off to Arizona for 4 days (for a work trip)! I also have a lot to plan while I am in Arizona because Hubby & I's dating anniversary is coming up in two weeks! I want to do something sweet for him because I know he wont be expecting it. We are saving up for our trip to Barcelona, London and Paris so we are not supposed to be doing anything extraordinary for one another between now and then. 

Anyway, here is one awesome week in review! This week began with a trip to Pecan Lodge with my husband, mother-in-law, and my MIL's friend. This was our first time visiting the new location since they left the farmers' market. Fast forward through the week and we attended a family wedding on Saturday and made our yearly trip to the State Fair of Dallas before calling it a weekend. We took off for my birthday so next weekend will be a 3-day weekend for us. I hope to bring you an even more fun weekly photo diary next week before I head out to Arizona!

I just love October, November and December! Quite possibly my favorite months of the year because of the time spent with family & friends! Plus babe always celebrates my birthday the ENTIRE month of October, which is quite epic in itself.

I included a unedited photo of myself wearing the AJ Crimson Dual Creme foundation that I purchased at The Makeup Show Dallas! It looks so flawless on my skin! Its incredible! For a mini review, it lives up to all the hype! Its awesome! I also wore it to the wedding yesterday and it photographed beautifully both with and without flash. I am a shade 3 in case any of you are wondering. I also purchased a shade 4! 

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Photo in Natural Light wearing the AJ Crimson Dual Creme foundation in Shade 3 (no edits made)

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