Nov 5, 2014

Catchin' Up | Vintage Photo Diaries

Hey there beauties! I recently asked on Twitter and Google+ if you wanted me to catch up on my weekly photo diary posts because I am a little behind. Well, you are right...a  lot behind. The overwhelming answer was to catch up so you got it! This post will be a long one so grab a cup of tea, joe or vodka and enjoy catchin' up! And hopefully with my 4-day trip to the East Coast this weekend...I will be back to regularly scheduled programming! By the way, you will be able to shop this blog post at the end of the post this time! I apologize in advance if I totally blow your Christmas budget a whole 49 days early! 

Where do I begin?! 

October 13 - 18  The Days After 28

This birthday seemed to have flown by since I was on a plane to head to Arizona for 4 days immediately after my birthday for a work trip. If you missed the pics from my birthday celebration, you can check them out here so that you are all caught up. I packed for my trip and was gone until Friday the 17th of October. When I got back from Arizona (Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma), I was so exhausted that it took an entire weekend to recover. 

I am and always have been that same little girl with a larger than life smile! :)

October 19 -  25  Sweater Weather + Monochromatic Fashion

This was the week that sweater weather arrived in my mind since it was officially cool enough to wear a sweater without feeling like I would be sweating by the end of the day. The oversized sweaters I ordered recently from Zara are giving me so much life that I picked it up in Blue and Ivory. The blue one is styled below with some skinny jeans and ankle boots! Of course, it ended up being warm the day after that because that is just Texas weather for you. So I wore a v-neck gray and black tee that says J'Adore Los Angeles with some black skinny jeans and leopard print flats 'sneakers' from Steve Madden to insert a little bit of my character into it. After all, when did I start wearing black and gray? Monochromatic fashion has captured my heart in a way I never imagined it could and there is no turning back! I still love my prints, stripes, etc...but there is something about wearing white, nudes, black and gray that is totally awesome. 

The weekend of this week was pretty low key, or at least I thought. Babe surprised me with tickets to the Dallas Arboretum, as he knows I had been wanting to go to see their pumpkin exhibit! I had such a blast and after we ended up having an early dinner at Torchy's Tacos. That Sunday we had brunch with my StepDad (aka Pops) at Hattie's since he was in town for a work training. 

My new Kate Spade tumbler that I love for my morning coffee.

Two new items! Tory Burch Lipstick in Smack Dab and Kendra Scott Elle Earrings

The Tory Burch scarf that I purchased using my Nordstrom gift card the parents gave me for my birthday

October 26 -  November 1 Erika's Style + My New Love for Loren Hope Jewelry + Red Cup Season is Here!

There is a mirror in the bathroom at my office that I promise I wish I could just transfer directly to a home and put in place where the background is always ' OOTD picture worthy' but thats just not possible. Our house during the week is always not in its perfect state because to be honest...I don't have the time between waking up at 5 am to workout, working a full day and then trying to be in bed by 10 pm. I am also aware that my non-perfect state is what someone else may see as perfect. I digress! Needless to say, I am able to take more OOTDs for you beauties with this mirror. 

Loren Hope is a costume jewelry designer that I discovered recently very randomly on a simple Google search for something non-related. I immediately fell in love with the bracelet that I have pictured below and knew that it had to be mine. The Chloe Bracelet speaks to my love of jewelry with the extra bling and attention to detail with the hearts. 

You can check out the Chloe Bracelet here

I decided to take a break from gel nails this time around so that I could try the Christian Louboutin nail polish in Very Prive (pictured below). I actually miss using regular polish on my nails! And my nail tech, Ella, is the absolute best. I even trust her with cutting my cuticles, which is a miracle in itself. Check out her skills in my mani pics below! Talk about perfect! 

Lastly, not that it needs an announcement or recap...but Starbucks red cups are here. It is red cup season my loves! So that means lots of red cups are in my future but you know the first one of the season every year is always a pretty big deal, at least in my book. Everyone knows I love a good Soy Chai Latte or Peppermint Mocha (even though its not flat tummy friendly) at this time of year!

One of my favorite lip combinations

I hope that this is the best catchin' up that you have ever experienced here on the blog and that it was worth the read! Hopefully I won't get this behind again but at the end of the day...LIFE HAPPENS!

Catch you lovebugs the next time around! 

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