Nov 20, 2014

Natural Hair Diaries | Products I Use, Straightening Natural Hair & My Journey

Hello there beautiful girls! I know that this is an update that has been long awaited! Now, its here! Today I am going to share the products that I use on my hair, my thoughts on straightening natural hair and my natural hair journey...which I once labeled my Natural Hair Diaries. 

If you are new to my blog or my natural hair journey, I have been natural since January 2014. I did not big chop and instead of elected to transition cutting off my relaxed ends as my natural curls grew in. Transitioning can of course be a more tedious process than doing the big chop because you are dealing with two textures. My transition posed difficulty because at the same time I was growing my relaxer out, I was manipulating my natural curls and weaker 'previously relaxed' hair with heat. However, with dedication, persistence and a commitment to reaching my goal...I embraced my natural hair. Over the years, I have almost exclusively worn my natural hair straightened. I experimented with my natural curls, worn perm rods, bought a wig (at one point) and even had clip-in extensions made. Most of you know that my experimentation with my natural curls was short lived. The reasoning for that is mainly attributed to my fine hair texture. My natural curls require a lot of product to remain tamed and the amount of work it required to have to do my hair daily was not something I was a fan of. So here we are, 4+ years later...almost 5 years and going natural was the best decision I ever made. In honor of my almost 5 year natural hair journey, I wanted to add an entry into my Natural Hair Diaries. 

The products that I use on my natural hair have recently changed. For the majority of the time I've been natural, I almost exclusively used Influance Hair Care Shampoos and Conditioners with the exception of Moroccanoil and Biolage Daily Leave-in-Tonic. However, after nearly 3 straight years of using the products, I wanted to try something different just to see how my hair reacted. I first started to branch out with Aubrey Organics, which I still love. But, my new combination of products have taken my hair to another level. 

So let's discuss products because although there is not much that I use...they pack a huge punch when used together! Four products are my current holy grail! 

First, I shampoo my hair using the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo. This product is amazing. I used this product occasionally over the years but didn't commit to using it solely until recently. It is a vegan product that my hair just loves! It helps to detangle my curls during the shampoo process. It tames the frizz of my natural curls, thus helping to tame the frizz when my hair is heat styled. And it has absolutely no sulfates, which my hair loves. I typically will wash my hair three times in the shower while my hair is split into two sections detangling with my fingers only along the way. I then will apply my conditioner next to leave on for approximately 20 minutes. 

I currently am in love with the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner. The key words in both my shampoo and conditioners are moisture and hydration. Since I wear my hair straightened 99% of the time, it is critical that it stays hydrated. Back to the conditioner...It is an absolute dream especially for a drugstore product. I dont know that there is anything left to be said about this product. I use this for deep conditioning and as a regular conditioner. It helps to further detangle my hair in addition to the shampoo.

As far as styling aids, I still use the Biolage Daily Leave-In Tonic along with the CHI Keratin Silk Infusion. A few sprays of the leave-in and one quarter-size amount of the silk infusion and I proceed to blowing out my hair. Sometimes I will switch out the CHI Keratin Silk Infusion with the Moroccanoil...just depends on what I reach for. Go ahead...SCREAM because I do not use a heat protectant. I just do not feel that it benefits my hair at all. I have tried various heat protectants in the past and have not experienced a drastic change in my curl pattern after prolonged use. If anything, it weighs my hair down. When you are manipulating your hair with heat weekly, there is bound to be a change to your curl pattern. For the most part, only the ends of my hair are not as tightly coiled as the rest of my hair but I have accepted that comes with the territory of wearing my natural hair straight. 

I do not use any other products in between washes to maintain my hair and if I sweat my hair out while working out...I rock a bun or a ponytail until the next wash day...which is generally speaking every 7 days. And the biggest question is how I maintain my hair while working out. Its an easy answer...I always wrap it. And I dont sweat a terrible amount in my hair so wrapping it works great for me. My hair will get oily before it gets completed sweated out. 

Hope this helped and that you enjoyed this post no matter where you are in your own hair journey! Let me know if you would like a separate post on the styling tools I use (blow dryer, flat iron, etc.).

Until next time...

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