Nov 29, 2014

Weekly Photo Diary | Eyebrow Upgrade & Thanksgiving in Arkansas

Hey there beauties! I am back safely in Dallas, having a glass of wine with my honey, tweeting with my loves on Twitter and washing my thermals so I can finish packing for Park City, Utah! I can't believe we just got back from our holiday road trip and I am preparing for to depart for a work trip on Tuesday! I am always whom much is given much is required. 

Let's see! I can begin with my latest beauty known as my eyebrow upgrade. My best friend text me on Monday telling me she had found this new brow girl that I just had to try. Knowing my skin is very sensitive (I almost always break out after threading), my brow hairs are dark blonde and the eyebrow hairs are fine...not to mention, I've never had eyebrows that grew in naturally thick or with a has always been difficult to commit long-term to an eyebrow threading specialist. For years, I have went to the Wink Threading Salon in Uptown but in my last few appointments, I had not been over-the-moon about the shaping and I have broken out terribly. Well, my brow dilemma has been solved by Nikki (check out her Style Seat page here). She is absolutely amazing! She really cares about shaping your brows to provide the best look for your face shape! She filled them in after to show me the areas that she would ideally like to grow in. Very professional all around! And after my appointment, I am happy to report that I did not break out. If you live in the DFW area, definitely check her out. You will not be disappointed. 

Fastforward to Thanksgiving in Arkansas. I literally relaxed the entire trip. I think I only wore regular clothes the day we traveled there and Thanksgiving day. Otherwise, I was in my red polka dot pajamas from J. Crew. I would shower and put them right back on! Ultimate relaxation, which I needed after always being on the go! And also I know that the next few weeks until Christmas vacation will be non-stop for me. 

My travel makeup bag that I forgot I had from Henri Bendel (will definitely be getting my use out of it now) / Similar
An eyebrow upgrade that deserves to be documented with selfies
And a selfie without filter so you know the brow situation is real!
My husband before we hit the road! I am getting used to my Mr. Movember!
Auntie Dianne's Pecan Pie - no words!
And Uncle Charles' Carrot Cake
Thanksgiving Day Selfie (sweater in this color is backordered - linked below in black)
After I did my makeup in the guest bathroom at Auntie Dianne & Uncle Charles' house
The peach cobbler though
Keeping honey company outside while he took Spencer (Uncle & Auntie's golden retriever) out -- can't wait for our own fur babies  
Thanksgiving "casual" #OOTD
Lots of wine was had from this fancy glass! 
Celebrated being back in Dallas with Krispy Kreme
Red Velvet donuts are back at Krispy Kreme
A ride through beautiful University Park -- I was in love with the fall leaves!
And I arrived home to this surprise! Cannot wait to use it! 

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