Nov 15, 2014

Weekly Photo Diary | Traveling to DMV, Winter Weather and Longer Hair

So glad that a lot of you enjoyed my last blog post where I caught y'all up on everything that has been happening in my busy bee life! Here is the post in case you missed it:  
I have been relaxing at home today since I was traveling last weekend to Maryland to visit my family. No to mention, colder weather has arrived in Texas which naturally makes me want to hibernate. I left the house at one time today and that was to pick up two bottles of my favorite wine [Stella Rosa]. I had every intention of getting my nails done today but I just didn't feel up to it. 

Here's a recap: 

Let's get started with me discovering that most stores have completely skipped over Thanksgiving and went into full on CHRISTMAS mode! Indeed, Target is already looking like December 1st. After discovering Christmas already reached Target, I prepared for a two day workshop in Downtown Dallas for work. It was a two-day workshop right in the heart of Downtown Dallas, which meant I was able to meet babe for lunch at Klyde Warren Park and enjoy some time out of the office learning something new. I took in the change of scenery as much as I possibly could!

Following the workshop, I prepared to fly to Maryland for four days to spend time with family. So glad that I have two places I will always be able to call perfect home state of Maryland with its leaves changing colors along I-95 and my dear new home of Texas where cows roam free and Tex-Mex food makes me feel guilty every weekend. Had a blast with my family having breakfast at the Amish Market, followed by trying chocolate covered bacon and stocking up on my favorite childhood  candy (Peanut Chews and Frooties)...pedicures at Scrub Nail Boutique in Fells Point, located just past Inner Harbor service on Sunday at Reid Temple {Mommy's church home -- If you live in the DMV, I highly recommend it as Rev. Watley will bless your entire life in one sermon}...and finally a photo with my twin, Mommy...who let me wear her necklace to church, allowed me to borrow her black leather jacket during my stay and who woke up to fix me a morning smoothie as I relaxed in the family room. She is the same as she has always been and for that I appreciate her more than she will ever know. 

Btw, I even snapped a pic with my baby sis! She's not a baby anymore but she is the youngest of the four of us!

I included some throwback photos from 'little Erika' before she grew into the woman she is today. It is so very important to never forget where you came from! Photos of 'little Erika' serve as a gentle reminder that I had the best childhood because although I was quite clumsy (hence the scar on my forehead that is permanently with me) I was surrounded with love. Love from parents, love from grandparents and even love from those friends that eventually turned into family. I know that my Daddy would be very proud of who my sister and I have become!

My return to Dallas and its beautiful Downtown skyline... and unforgettable sunrises.

And then Friday I decided to put my clip-ins to use again to avoid a wash day that I am dreading because its so cold outside. Not to mention, my hair has grown a lot so feels like quite the chore to blow out and straighten. 

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