Jan 9, 2015

First Challenge of 2015, Favorite Blanket Scarf & the newest Starbucks & Alice + Olivia Collab

Hello there beauties! I hope that your 2015 is off to a great start! My first full week of 2015 has posed some challenges so far as I have been battling [yet again] acute sinusitis. It has not been fun! Although I never used to get sinus infections before growing up on the East Coast or even when I lived in Louisiana, being a Texan has brought sinus issues and allergies to the forefront.  I am nearly through the worse of it as today is my third full day of being on antibiotics and Methylprednisolone (a super long word for an oral steroid). The purpose of Methylprednisolone is to mimic a hormone that is naturally produced by your body that reduces inflammation. Enough medicine talk! Just know that I am nearly back to my usual self! I actually put on a face of makeup today so that is a great step in the right direction, especially considering I actually took a sick day this week. 

So, other than recovering from the sinus infection, my week has been low key. I haven't received any traveling marching orders from work as of yet so I am just going to enjoy this time in my dear sweet Texas. 

I hope you love this blog post!  

P.S. 'Shop with me' is back to stay! If the item is no longer available, I will (and have) linked similar items for you girls to check out! As always, my current 'shop with me' favorites can be found in the sidebar of my blog. 

Outfit of the day and my I believe third day of being under the weather, as it started on Saturday (the 3rd of January)

Selfie in black and white because my hair was really big this day...no  makeup kind of day (of course)

Whole Foods Haulage

Working out 6 days a week has it challenges but thanks to the knee brace babe got me...its easier than ever before to get through my Insanity workouts

The best green tea in the universe. Seriously! Try it ASAP! My local grocery store cant seem to keep up with demand for it.

Whole Foods Run [view from the top]

My sick day at home called for hot chocolate. The same day I decided if I am going to upgrade my phone soon, I need to enjoy all the cute cases I have

Doctor's office - waiting room

The excitement that awaited me on Starbucks dot Com! I ordered it the second Michele told me about it. (Hey there Michele!). I missed out on the tutu one from the last Starbucks & Alice + Olivia collab and didn't want to miss out on this one. 

Friday selfie...starting to feel better
Lipstick / MAC's Soar lip liner and a little tiny bit of Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy

My hair style is from my stretched perm rod set that I had earlier this week. I just put it in a bun after I detangled my hair mid-week! 

My usual morning routine while I am having breakfast is to catch up on my Instagram feed. Definitely my favorite iPhone app. 

First day back working out since Tuesday and I KILLED IT for the first day back! 

My favorite blanket scarf from ASOS that I have been living in with this winter weather we've been having in Texas

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