Feb 9, 2015

Fall in love with Portland, Oregon

Hey there beautiful girls! It has been a very busy past week for me as I traveled to Portland, Oregon for three days (work-related travel)! I definitely made the most of my stay in Portland. I tell my husband all the time that while I don't enjoy traveling for work, I always make the most of it to keep myself in good spirits...and this trip was no different. On a random 'Erika' note...with a Type A personality like I have...traveling for work at random times in the middle of the week throws off my entire work-life balance. I think I would much prefer if I have a set schedule of when I would be gone and leave at that same time & day every month. But, that is unlikely to occur! So, I remain positive, grateful and I keep it movin'! 

By the way, can I just saw that the humidity in Portland made my hair a complete fool. It was bone straight and frizzy (imo) by Day 2 because of all the rain and moisture in the air!

Some of my favorite things in Portland:

Spellbound Flowers Pop Up Shop (the cutest little flower cart I've ever seen)

Steaks Fifth Avenue food truck 

Pioneer Place Mall (where I purchased my new MK wristlet and it was TAX FREE!)

Made in Oregon gift shop (where I was able to get a Pacifica nail polish)

Nordstrom Downtown Portland (you can shop tax free even at Chanel and Gucci!)

Enjoy Portland, Oregon through my eyes even for a very brief stay! I will likely be posting a non-related travel, my usual life in Dallas kind of post this week along with answering some of the first few questions received as part of the #AskErika series I am starting! 

If you are in the market for an iPhone wristlet, this color is "Pale Pink". I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and it fits in this wristlet perfectly for those days I don't want to carry a purse! 

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