Mar 28, 2015

Houston Wedding & Tucson for Work

Hello beautiful! Now that it is the weekend, I can catch you all up on everything that has happened in this busy life of mine in the past few weeks. The highlights were spending a four day weekend in Houston celebrating the marriage of one of dear friends from college. The wedding weekend extravaganza consisted of a traditional Nigerian wedding on the day we arrived to Houston followed by a ceremony and reception on Saturday. In between time, we spent time together and caught up with Rico's line brothers who live in Houston. And after the most amazing weekend (even with the rain and serious humidity), we had to drive back to Dallas for me to hop on a plane that Monday morning to Arizona for work. Needless to say, I would not change a thing! I have come to the realization that the reason I am always "busy" is because I am focused on living instead of just existing. I have talked about this before but I just don't want to wake up each day and go through the motions with no enjoyment. Life is simply too short! 

My thoughts on living to work or working to live:

"You get a job, so you can afford to have a life. But, then you spend all your time at work and end up with no time to live the life you're working for."

Trust me, I make the time to live the life that I am working for. Part of the reason for that is early in my relationship with my husband, we talked about always have a good balance between work and personal life. I work very hard but I don't want 'work' to be something that defines every moment of my life. If I did let work define every moment of my life, I would be existing. Life is far too valuable and my purpose is far too great for me to just exist. 

Anyway, I hope this post encourages you to LIVE! Live your life, don't apologize for being busy and living the life that you know you deserve.

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