May 31, 2015

Jetsetting to Chicago, Life in Texas + Peonies DIY Project

Hey there beautiful girls! I am reporting live from a sunny Sunday in Texas! I feel that after it has rained for 40 days and 40 nights, we finally get our sunny, patio weather back! I was almost afraid that if the rain continued, we wouldn't be able to enjoy late spring and the next thing we would be 100+ degrees in Texas. Although I can't speak for the future being rain-free, I can enjoy this moment right now! I am sitting outside blogging while babe washes, waxes and details our Volvo family. 

Memorial Day weekend...hubby traded in the car that he has had since we started dating in college for a 2015.5 Volvo S60 sport model. He is so very happy and I am glad that he finally gets to reward himself after constantly making sacrifices for our family and our future. His Nissan had about 125,000 miles and we knew it would not be reliable as we contemplate the idea of growing our family next year. As you remember, we said we wanted to go to Barcelona before we had kids and by the looks of it...that will happen late spring 2015/early summer 2015. We are working with a travel agent now to finalize the details! 

Oh yeah, we also bought 'Lola' (my 2014 Volvo XC90) out of the lease during Memorial Day weekend! So we officially own her now! Not to mention, we were given a Volvo loyalty bonus for purchasing my vehicle so we used it on babe's car! 

Nothing else has happened that is journal worthy...other than my recent work trip to Chicago (again) where I was met with a cool wind and blue skies! It was a quick two day trip and now I am back safely in Texas until my next work adventure this week to Tucson, Arizona. I would say that I will be done with work travel until late summer...but, I know thats not a realistic statement in my world.

Anyways, enjoy the photos of me jetting to Chicago and then returning back to my wonderful life in Texas! I am so grateful for the life I live and I am sure it will show through these photographs!

Went back to my gel nails a couple weeks ago for Miami and now I am back to my regular gel manicures [at least for now]. This color is CND 'Cake Pop'.

Dinner at Umai in Chicago. I love Japanese food! 

A new wine we tasted at Total Wine that had to come home with us! Its a light bodied wine that is semi-sweet! It reminds me a lot of a more dry Moscato! Definitely should try this out!

My latest craft project! The vase and Quick Water product is from Michaels. The peonies are flowers I purchased two years ago at Hobby Lobby! The Quick Water is very easy to use if you want to make a floral arrangement for your home. Be sure to use the Michaels app for coupons! I was able to get 40% off one regular priced item using the app so the quick water was cheaper than its original price of $12.99!

Restocked on some favorites this weekend that I was running out of!

Isn't she pretty!? The arrangement almost looks real! 

My weekend craft project made me want to get some real life peonies for our living room! So I headed over to Trader Joe's in Southlake! 

I have to admit that I drive babe's new car more than my own! Hence why the seats look different for my quick trip to Trader Joe's! 

May 22, 2015

Miami Vacation Tradition

Hello there beautiful girls! We recently got back from our annual trip we take to Miami. Its become our tradition, as we have visited Miami every year since we met in college. This trip seemed so very different than the others for many reasons. For one, my Mom had business to do in Florida so she joined us and flew my sister in. For two, we rented a one-bedroom fully furnished condo from Airbnb (which ended up being an awesome experience and allowed us to live like the locals). Since my Mommy and Sister were staying at The Ritz-Carlton, we were able to enjoy the best of both worlds [full service hotel & condo]. 

When visiting Miami, we enjoy a mix of tourist activities & the relaxed vibe like the locals. I must say it was pretty nice to not wear any makeup and let my hair run wild after hours at the beach. Out of the makeup I did pack, I only wore lipstick one old faithful, MAC Flat Out Fabulous. 

Enjoy the photographs our annual Miami trip!