Jul 29, 2015

Swept away by Summer

As of lately, I have felt totally swept away by summer! Although it has finally passed 100 degrees, I still love summers in Texas. I dont know quite how to go about explaining it. 

My low maintenance natural hair styles, running regimen and summer fashion has kept me in a state of pure bliss!

We spent the weekend in Arkansas for a family picnic that was on Saturday! Nothing quite compares to family time in the country. Granny, the matriarch of the family, is an feisty 84-year old lady that thinks even at nearly 30...we still need 'lunch money' for the drive back to Dallas! We are so very grateful to have her in our lives! And if God says the same, I would love to give her the next great grandbaby during her lifetime! She already has two! 

Before we left for Arkansas, we continued our weekly tradition with date night. It was National Tequila Day on Friday so I decided to stick with margaritas! 

To dinner, I wore a dress that I bought last year from ASOS that is designed by Warehouse - a London-based high street fashion brand. I paired the dress with the City Bliss heels in Nude from Lola Shoetique. My lip color is MAC Heaux lipstick with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key for hubby & I! We drove to Arkansas on Saturday morning, which was the day of the picnic. Stayed up all night spending time with family enjoying everyone that came in town to spend the weekend together! More family time on Sunday and then we left to drive back to Dallas around 4 pm! 

This weekend coming up should be pretty fun...as we are going to a cooking class! I can barely contain my excitement! 

My second day curls on Saturday were made possible by the pineapple method! Check out this article here if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about! 

I am wearing the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu. I knew we were going to be outside all day at the picnic so I wanted to wear light makeup and light clothing! Jeans were a must so that I didn't get eaten alive by mosquitoes! I paired my distressed jeans (similar, similar) with simple statement jewelry. The Aria necklace in Gold from Stella & Dot and the Michael Kors Lexington bracelet watch that I wear nearly every single day were a perfect pairing!

I want to send a special thank you to those who continue to read my blog regularly even when I cannot post as often as I would like! Your support means the world to me!

Jul 24, 2015

Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

After watching AfricaMiranda and Naptural85's videos on flexi rod sets on natural hair, I knew that I had to try it. I will link the videos below in case you want to check them out for yourself. There are so many great videos on YouTube with so much information on how to make the flexi rod set work best for you! 

Africa Miranda's Flexi Rod video Part I
Africa Miranda's Flexi Rod video Part 2

For my texture of hair, the idea of doing a flexi rod set on completely wet curly hair was not an option for me. I wanted my hair to be stretched so that I wouldn't wake up looking like Annie. So, I blew out my three day old twist out with a blow dryer on the cool air setting. I am really trying to stick to 'no heat summer' so it took a little more patience to blow out my hair on cool. It was totally worth the time that it took. My hair felt so lightweight after blowing it out and it was fully stretched. The only product I applied to blow out my hair was the Moroccanoil Treatment Light

After separating my hair into three sections (two in the front and one in the back), I began applying the flexi rods in different sizes. I would apply the Proclaim Foaming Wrap lotion to each piece of hair as I applied the flexi rod. My tip here is not apply the foaming wrap lotion of your choice until you are ready to work with that piece of hair. My hair reverted back the moment the wrap lotion was applied so it did not benefit me to apply the foaming wrap lotion to an entire section at a time. It takes some time but I guarantee you will be pleased with the results if you apply the product as you are ready to apply the flexi rod. I used different sizes of flexi rods from a set that I purchased on Amazon and I also used end papers on some while not using end papers on others. If I was unable to pull my hair tight enough I used an end paper to help give me a grip. 

The flexi rods dried overnight while I slept peacefully! They are much more comfortable to sleep in than perm rods! Before taking the rods out, I coated my hands lightly with the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I proceeded to take the rods out and separate the curls. Using an oil or serum while separating the curls help to minimize frizz. 

Wearing MAC Heaux lipstick and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5

Jul 22, 2015

Wish List Items I Just Had to Order

You know how some items stay on your wish list for a while. You want those items but you just keep fighting yourself on whether you want to take the plunge and just GET them! Well, after looking at my wish list yesterday...I just decided to go for it! I haven't really been in the 'shopping' spirit [I know! Totes unsual for me] as of late so it is nice to be excited about picking up some new items! 

So I wanted to share with you the items I picked up, which I am sure these items will make an appearance on my blog or Instagram at one point or another. I dont always wear items as soon as I purchase them so it is likely that I wont wear them until months down the line and chances are they wont be available by that time. 

And some of the items are even for sale...so if they are on your wish list, now is the time to go for it. 

Yes, I have the Kale sweatshirt in Blue but I wear it so much...that I had to pick up the grey one before the sell out in my size. I am actually hoping I ordered the right size because they are oversized and I ordered a medium! I think my other one may be a small! 

Fringe Sandal / Green Lace Romper / Open Toe Dress Sandal / 
Fit & Flare Dress / Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick / 
Kale Sweatshirt in Grey / Burberry Clemence Rain Boot /
  Weekend Travel Bag in Classic Navy / Print Maxi Dress

Is there anything on your wish list that has been for a long time that you picked up recently? I will of course be sharing the items as I wear or use them! 

Jul 19, 2015

No Heat Summer Continues

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently fell in love with twisting my hair. Being natural has been such an incredible journey because of the versatility it provides for my hair. I have always worn it straight and to discover my love for twist outs...has taken my love for my natural hair to another level. I feel like this style is constantly evolving for me as I try to improve my twist out skills. 

Since I bought a lot of natural hair products over the years in attempts to try natural hair styles, I have been rotating through them until I find the ideal combination. Enjoy photos of how this style has evolved for me over the past few weeks! 

While I don't know every product combination I've used, I am writing it down going forward until I find the perfect combination that gives me the results I desire. Trust me, its not perfect every single day. And after working out six days a week, some days it just ends up in a bun until I can gather the energy to do it all other again. I re-twisted my hair today so I am currently looking like 'felicia'! Naturals know what I mean! 

Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in American Doll
Wearing MAC lip liner in Soar with MAC lipstick in Brave
And yesterday (7.19.2015)
Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sweet Talker

I would estimate that my hair has grown just under an inch in most places since I began my "no heat summer". Looking forward to seeing how my twist outs evolve for the remainder of the summer! I don't know that I could even go back straight after summer is over considering how much I've been enjoying this!

Jul 15, 2015

Twist Out, NexGen & Running Again

I didn't know where to begin with this post since it has been so very long since I have posted here! But, I figured a start would be step in the right direction. 

Life lately has been a mix of incredible life-changing memories coupled with a busier than could be imagined career. I will begin with my newest adventure - that might I add was long overdue! I finally tried a twist out on my natural hair! I know?!? If you have been following my journey online since it begin in 2011 then you know...wearing my hair natural has always represented this huge awkward 'unknown' for me. Every time I tried over the years, it felt like a failure almost as though I thought the failure into existent. It wasn't until I made the decision to really try and accept whatever the results would be that I truly embraced this journey. It has been nearly 30 days since my hair was straight and I can admit that I haven't missed it at all. Not to mention, it is a lot easier to work out not having to worry about if I will sweat out my hair.

The twist out also provided me a lot of versatility in styling if I sweat out my hair. My go to styles in between twisting my hair again have been a high or low bun. The high bun I have pictured below has been my favorite style to date when I am in between washes. I love the textured, yet polished look.

My other obsession as of late has been running! I am not sure if you remember me talking about how I experienced chaffing while running, which discouraged me from running again since college. Well (crosses fingers & toes), I am past the chaffing! I have overcome. Whereas before I would begin chaffing after running less than 1/4 of a mile, I can make it through 2 miles easily without experiencing any chaffing on my hips or thighs. This is MAJOR! So, I now run three times a week. I am up to 2 miles straight and working on improving my per mile average before I increase to 3 miles.

My last noteworthy obsession other than reading The Shack (which I hope to finish this weekend) has been NexGen nails. I tried NexGen looking for an alternative to gel because I know the chemicals over time can be harmful for your nails. While I hadn't experienced any damage from gel, I did take notice to how dry gel polish made my cuticles if I didn't use cuticle oil. I am NexGen all the way now! I had my second NexGen manicure done last night and even went with a bright coral.

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